Project Management Tips for Startups

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A startup's definition is comprehensive and pretty vague, from single

founders with no team to some of the biggest tech companies globally.

People still think of companies such as Google (22 years old),

Facebook (16 years old), and Uber (11 years old) as startups.

What is considered a startup? This question is quite challenging to

answer because no one has managed to figure out a universally accepted

definition. One of the popular opinions claims that a startup is a

company in its early stages of development with the tendency of fast

growth. It usually features 1-3 founders who focus on capitalizing

their platform, service, or product.

But, how long is a company considered a startup? If you are testing

the market and discovering various ideas on how to sell your product,

you are still in the startup stage. On the other hand, if you have

found a way to deliver products or services that many people want and

get heavily compensated for your effort, you may no longer be in the

startup stage ...

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