Slack Time in Project Management

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If you manage an Agile team, your responsibilities don't only involve

reaching an established goal but managing the project's timing. To

plan effectively, you have to anticipate the unexpected.

However, at least one thing will go astray in many cases, or something

you didn't plan will happen. That's probably the worst nightmare for

all project managers.

During periods of imbalance, many PMs resort to slack time, a helpful

tool that enables project flow without any significant disturbances.

Now, let's see how this works and how you can benefit from slack time.


Slack time is often defined as the amount of time you can delay the

task without interfering with another task or affecting the completion

date of your project. As we mentioned earlier, this happens when flow

becomes unbalanced.

Usually, imbalance occurs when some team members finish tasks before

the rest of the team. It can also happen when there aren't enough

tasks to keep everyone occupied, a team member ...

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