ActiveCollab - An Affordable Project Management Tool Perfect for Startups Like Trail Digital

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Startups have limited resources. You can't afford to waste time or

money. The right project management tool saves you both by making it

possible to get more done, and in less time. We speak with Josh Byrne,

founder of Cape Town based startup SEO consultancy, Trail Digital and

he shares his thoughts on why project management is a key ingredient

for a productive work-life balance, the business problems he was

facing prior to purchasing a robust project management tool, and how

ActiveCollab helps him run daily operations at Trail Digital.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. It was an idea he had been

mulling over for years, and although the middle of a global pandemic

may not have been his “ideal moment”, is there ever an ideal

moment to start a business though? Josh went forward and started his

consultancy Trail Digital amid a pandemic.

Josh Byrne is the founder of Trail Digital


a search engine marketing consultancy ...

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