Project Management Artifacts

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Proper documenting of objectives and deliverables in the form of

artifacts leads to project success. Considering the wide range of

artifacts available, we need to understand their differences and how

their change affects our management plan.

Therefore, in this article, we will look at different project

management artifacts which make the project process transparent and

measurable. Let's start with the basics!


Artifacts are documents linked to project management since project

management needs to document deliverables and projects fully. These

documents align projects to business goals, address your client and

sponsor requirements, and set up your team members' expectations.

They are in some sense alive, which means artifacts are susceptible to

change and are formally updated. They exist for a reason: to share

information related to a project. An artifact is something you make,

and as we said earlier, they are related to documents.

Teams produce these documents ...

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