Gold Plating in Project Management

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Gold plating in project management refers to adding unnecessary

features or functionalities to a project beyond its original

requirements. It is often done with good intentions, such as exceeding

customer expectations or ensuring a high-quality end product.

However, gold plating can have negative consequences, including

increased costs, extended timelines, and decreased project efficiency.

In this article, we will focus on the concept of gold plating, its

implications, and how to avoid it.


Gold plating in project management means adding unnecessary or extra

features to a project beyond its original scope or requirements. It

typically occurs when project team members or stakeholders go beyond

what is necessary to meet the project's objectives.

Gold plating can lead to increased costs, longer project durations,

and decreased efficiency. It can result in wasted time and resources

and may divert attention from essential project tasks. Ultimately,

gold ...

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