Can You Become a Project Manager Without Experience?

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Nowadays, every job is framed into a project. Whatever we want to

undertake professionally has a start and finish date, a scope or goal,

a defined budget, and a detailed list of the necessary people to make

it all happen. Many different types of teams are involved, and there's

usually just one person to coordinate them all: a project manager.

Rarely you'll find such a role that requires mastering so many soft

and hard skills at the same time. It's a relatively new job

description, and their specific responsibilities are not set in stone.

Also, no formal education will prepare you entirely for this role, as

the universities haven't completely adapted to the trends yet. So, the

question is inevitable:


First, let's see what they do and which skills are needed for each

task, and then we'll analyze what you need to acquire those skills.

The 5 phases of project management include initiation, planning,

execution, monitoring, and project closure. While initiation ...

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