Tips for Preparing for a Project Manager Interview

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Are you trying to land a new position as a project manager? Surely

you're wondering which questions you will be asked. A project

manager's shoes are challenging to fill. In most cases, to meet the

employers' demands, you must be a master in communication, familiar

with different methodologies, and ready to present the right set of


Project manager interview questions are tricky because you have to

show understanding of project management and demonstrate practical

leadership skills. We put together a short guide with the most

frequent questions you may encounter in the interview and explain what

an interviewer wants to hear from you.


Usually, people decide whether they like you or not the second they

meet you, and there is nothing you can do about that. However, you can

prepare for the interview and leave a better impression.

* Tell us something about your background, personal and professional.

* Have you worked in project management before?

* Can you name one ...

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