The Importance of Collaborative Approach To Project Management

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Project collaboration is a set of principles and methodologies by

which teams and team leaders plan, coordinate, control, and monitor

their work. This collaborative process can work across departmental,

corporate, and national boundaries, and provide a great deal of help

with projects as they grow in complexity.

As the trend shifts towards remote work, distributed teams, and moving

data to cloud servers, collaboration has become a buzzword more than

ever. But what does project collaboration mean? Many things, and we'll

go into them and how you can apply them when running your projects.


Collaboration has been a big talking point for the past several years,

as organizations realize that effective communication and

collaboration is key to innovation. New methods and paradigms have

emerged to extend the meaning of collaboration from the simple act of

working together. Today, it's a more complex inter-relating team

function to achieve ...

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