Improved Search Bar, ActiveCollab 8.0: List View

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the November edition of ActiveCollab's recaps! Before we

begin discussing what we've been up to in the past month, let's review

what we talked about last time


sorting tasks by their start date in My Work and in-line editing of

titles of tasks and task lists, and quickly changing a task's

assignee. This time, once again, we have an update available to all

our users and news on our progress with ActiveCollab 8.0



Even some experienced ActiveCollab users may miss the magnifying

glass! It's there to help you find whatever you're looking for in


The novelty is that now you can search projects, tasks, and invoices

by their ID number.

For example, when someone tells you to update task number 6, all you

need to do is type a hashtag followed by the number in the search bar,

and you'll reach the destination immediately.

Remember ...

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