Group Tasks by Start Date, ActiveCollab 8.0: List View

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest ActiveCollab updates! Last month


we talked about our work on the upcoming version 8.0 of the app,

specifically the list view and task filters. This time, we'll go over

a new addition to My Work and the progress we’ve made with

ActiveCollab 8.0.


My Work is a page that gathers your Timesheet, ActiveCollab activity,

availability records, and above all, your assignments. Up until now,

it was possible to group tasks assigned to you by their due date or

the project they're in. The new option to sort tasks by their start

date has been released and is available to all our users!


The new version will include in-line editing of titles of tasks and

task lists without opening them. It will also be easier to quickly

change a task's assignee. These two options should be a huge time

saver and let you make necessary changes without fuss!

In ...

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