Fast Tracking in Project Management

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How often have you worked on a project and still missed a deadline?

Maybe you took more than you can chew or simply failed to estimate how

long it would take you to finalize everything.

Whatever the case may be, it's downright frustrating when the project

starts to fall behind. One of the best ways to stop this is to

fast-track the project schedule. This article will focus on

fast-tracking in project management and provide a detailed explanation

of this technique.


Fast-tracking in project management is a technique where tasks are

carried out in parallel instead of being performed one after another,

according to the original schedule.

This means that you work on various tasks simultaneously instead of

waiting for each task to be completed separately. Keep in mind that

some activities depend on each other, and one can't start until the

other is completed, so they can't be fast-tracked.

Also, fast-tracking is only possible if activities can overlap ...

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