What is a Worldview? In simple terms, it encompasses your attitude, values, beliefs, life philosophy and for most, your religion.         Recently I was asked about my Worldview. I didn't immeditely have a concrete answer, but I knew it was rooted in Christianity. My Worldview has evolved over the years. I will say my morals have stayed consistent from childhood, but my attitude, philosophy, values and beliefs have changed at varying degrees.    Why a Worldview is important to defineIt has a direct impact on behaviorIt draws the boundary lines for your thoughtsIt helps you make choicesIt impacts your mood and feelings        I've always been led by a strong moral compass, but well into my 30's and early 40's they were basic and ill defined. I'm now 46 and can honestly say, if asked to define each of the categories, I can do so with precision. I've weeded out the unescessary rules and focused on a faith-based holistic Worldview.To summarize:Attitude- God is always working for me. Nothing is completely good or bad. Everything can and will work itself out in his time.Values- I place a high value on forgiveness. I value trust. I value having my back when i'm not around. I value communication and compromising. I value a humble heart and a compassionate disposition. I value confession and feel it is the difference maker in every loving relationship. The safety to confess and the safety to receive forgiveness in every way. Real connections in life are bound by the ability to be vulnearable to one another.Beliefs- Strongly connected to the commandments in the BiblePhilosophy- God is good ALL the time. You're never WRONG to do the right thing, so be that seeker of wisdom and truth in every way...Every day....        In conclusion, I believe some of us are born into circumstances that immediatly lays the foundation for a set Worldview, and others, due to a lack of consistency in their environment, go through a series of trial and error in order to arrive at a somewhat concrete Worldview. If you are surrounded by people who are loose with their belief system, or have a contradictory belief system, it makes sense that you would struggle to define it for yourself.        I think the most important thing you can do for yourself is to spend time seeking answers to the questions that form the foundation of a Worldview. I strongly believe the more concrete and difinitive you are about what you believe, the less chaos you will feel when the tough decisions in life need to be made!

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