ActiveCollab Time Management and Profitability

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We’re so excited to tell you all about what’s new in ActiveCollab!

These couple of months have been very busy, as you could see in our

monthly updates


If you’re not a fan of long blog posts, here’s a QUICK OVERVIEW of

what we have in store for you:

* Timesheet

* Profitability

* A brand new time report

To make all this happen, we had to introduce a whole new concept to

our system: internal hourly rates. Basically, that’s the hourly rate

per employee, financed internally by the company, not the client.

Now that we laid out the summary, we can talk about it all in more



First up, internal hourly rates. They can be set up for each employee,

and their currency is defined in the system settings.

It’s always better to illustrate concepts with examples, so here’s

one. Paula is running an agency and Jason works there as a designer

for a certain salary, while Mike is ...

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