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Have you heard? We’ve been working on Timesheets! In our previous

posts, we’ve been talking about the (Team) Timesheet, while we’d

like to get on a more Personal note now.

It’s important to know where your team’s time goes, but it’s

crucial to be aware of your own whereabouts in a time continuum known

as "working week".

Don’t go looking for your Personal Timesheet in the “Timesheet”

main menu icon! You won’t find it there. We’ve tucked it in nicely

in the My Work section, between “My Tasks” and “My Activity”.


Your time is your time! The Timesheet will be waiting for you already

filled up with tasks assigned to you, with a due date (disclaimer: the

time tracking option must be enabled on the project). They’re

grouped by projects, naturally, and sorted by relevance. This means

that the tasks that need your immediate attention will be on top.

When a task has a start and due date, a colored line will appear,

indicating its duration. Hover over it ...

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