ActiveCollab Experiments!

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Experiment _[noun]_ - “A procedure carried out to support, refute,

or validate a hypothesis. Experiments provide insight into

cause-and-effect by demonstrating what outcome occurs when a

particular factor is manipulated.”

Before you even start thinking about performing an experiment, its

value must be determined. Why are you conducting it? What do you hope

to get out of it?

There are three possible things to experiment:

* Technology

* Processes

* Product

We’ve tried all three!


We went to a 2-day seminar, where we talked about using an INNOVATIVE

NEW TOOL for developing UI components. A couple of team members have

worked on this, presented it, and introduced the rest of us to it. We

agreed it could be useful for the development of ActiveCollab and

decided to try it out for a few weeks, with no strings attached. 

The goal was to see if the development of features would speed up if

our design would become more consistent, and the quality of our code

better. In ...

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