You Know You're a Real Estate Agent When…

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Do you love your career as a real estate agent? Do you exude telltale agent traits? Is it easy for others to figure out that you adore houses – old and new - and that you love selling them?  

If you're not a "secret" agent but advertise your love for the business on your sleeve, so to speak, chances are it's easy for others to figure out what you do for a living. And chances are your life has changed since you entered the world of real estate.  

Just for fun, we've compiled this list of traits that seem to go along with life as a realtor. So, here it goes. 

You know you're a realtor when… 

You can't get enough of HGTV – Face it. You're hooked Whether it's watching those good-looking twin brothers sell and rehab homes in Canada, house hunting with people of all ages all around the world, or sweating it out with Chip and Joanna as they tackle fixer-uppers in Waco, you keep the TV tuned to that channel, and you're sure to want to discuss what you saw with your family AND your colleagues the next day.  

Your weekends aren't really weekends anymore – Yes, most clients want to go house shopping on Saturday and Sunday, so the chances are that if you're taking a day or two off, it's not the same days when everyone else is home. And, of course, nights can be busy, too. When you're an agent, you and your loved ones will get acclimated to truly being on a different schedule than the rest of the world.  

Your car looks like an office – Real estate agents spend a lot of time in their cars, so, naturally, your passenger seat might look a lot like your desk at the office, full of listing sheets and other tools that you need for your job. Of course, you always clean it out when you're preparing to drive clients to showings 

You're always on the lookout for "For Sale" signs – Having realtor radar means always zeroing in on real estate transactions happening around you, whether it's near home, in your "farm" area, or anywhere else you happen to be traveling. Bet you've had your spouse frantically writing down phone numbers from "For Sale" signs, or you've stopped in the middle of the road to get a better look. "Ooh, I wonder how much THAT one is listed for" are words that regularly leave your mouth when real estate is your career. 

Your social media becomes real-estate centered – All of a sudden, all of your Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram shots have something to do with your business or the real estate business in general. It has taken over your life 

Your friends tap you for real estate advice – Since you clearly love real estate, as is evident by all your social media posts, friends and family now deem it suitable to ask you for lots of (free) advice about whether or not they should buy a new home, the going price for their current home, if so-and-so is a good neighborhood, etc. Take it as a compliment They now view you as an expert in the field, which is a good thing. 

You've become more flexible – In real estate, nothing is a done deal until you're actually sitting at the settlement table with checks and keys in hand. So many things can happen on the journey from purchase or sale to settlement that you've learned not to count your proverbial chickens before they hatch. Just do everything in your power to make things go smoothly, and you'll know that – at that point – the rest is out of your hands. 

Your math skills have improved – Perhaps you were already good at calculations, but if you weren't, the chances are that all the numbers involved in real estate transactions have made you a better mathematician. Seriously, in real estate, you often need to be able to conjure up numbers fairly quickly, so you do indeed become more adept at this over time. (And, of course, that calculator on your smartphone can be a huge help) 

You've become a solid negotiator – In real estate, you need to be able to negotiate the deal, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone. It's essential that you bargain for the best and fairest deal for all parties involved in the transaction. Often, these negotiations take some time and can cause a bit of undue stress, but hang in there You might even find that these newly-honed negotiation skills also help in dealing with your spouse or partner  

You write your own paycheck – Well, not literally, unless you're the broker, but your paycheck IS determined by how hard and smart you work. If you want it to be sizeable, you'll spend plenty of time in the office, on the phone, and with clients. You control your hours AND your income when you're a realtor, so do what it takes to make the money you desire in a job that you love 

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