The Future of ActiveCollab Release Notes

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ActiveCollab 1.0 was released more than twelve years ago, and we have

documented a detailed list of changes for almost all releases since

then. Despite that heritage and experience, it has become tough to map

a particular set of changes to a particular version in the past couple

of months. 

Our development and deployment process radically changed since we

switched to Cloud and added more teams, and it is no longer “version

number friendly.”

Don’t get us wrong - we are excited about each new release that we

ship as much as we were in the past, and we want to share relevant

details about them. What does require change is the format in which

these updates are communicated.


Instead of choosing between a full-blown blog post, or one-liners

packed in release notes as we did in the past, we have started

publishing monthly recaps. The first one


was released in December. It covers improvements ...

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