The First Principle of Lean Management: Eliminate Waste

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Once upon a time, in the land of the rising sun, there were two

industrial engineers, Shingo and Ohno. They developed the Toyota

Production System (TPS), dubbed as Lean production many years later.

Although developed in the automotive industry, the principles behind

this system proved to be a success when implemented in the software


"Lean" was created as a response to an extremely complex environment.

The modern business climate can be characterized as such, especially

as we live in a world of startups. Whether we're talking about

startups or companies operating for decades, lean management

principles can be applied just as effectively. The focus is

concentrated on experimenting, testing hypotheses, and adapting to

ever-changing circumstances and requirements.

We're in the software development business, where Agile

[]is very popular. Scrum, Kanban, and Lean are

just some of the frameworks found under the Agile umbrella.


When observing the ...

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