Pros and Cons of a Decision Matrix

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Making decisions, especially those that will affect your entire team

and their performance, is the most challenging thing to do as a

project manager. While many believe that writing pros and cons can fix

this issue, it's not as easy as it seems.

Different aspects need to be revised and when stakeholders are part of

this process, come prepared because there will be a lot of biased

opinions involved.

So instead of relying on everyone else, you could employ a decision

matrix technique. Many say this is the best tool for complex and

important decisions, so let's test it out!


A weighted decision matrix is a powerful technique used to evaluate

and select the best option out of different choices. A decision matrix

is particularly useful if you choose more than one option, with

several different factors involved that affect the outcome.

You may encounter names like grid analysis, Pugh matrix, decision

grid, or problem selection matrix. They all mean ...

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