Project Charter - Simply Explained

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Developing a project charter should be one of the very first steps in

the project management lifecycle since it's specifically designed to

inform everyone involved about what they are in charge of and what

needs to be done.

Unfortunately, the project charter is often a forgotten part of

project management as it gets lost among other assets like Gantt

charts, a statement of work, a project timeline, and even project

management tools. However, the project charter might be the missing

link in delivering the project on time and at its most effective.

In this article, we will learn more about the project charter and try

to explain all its essential elements.


A project charter is a formal document that outlines project

objectives, scope, vision, risks, timelines, project team and their

responsibilities, key stakeholders, and how the project will be

carried out. It also goes by the name of the project definition report

or project statement.

Simply put, a project ...

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