Optimal Size of a Scrum Team

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A typical scrum team needs to have the necessary skills to carry out

tasks efficiently while taking care of product quality and

productivity. Whether you are working in a small startup or a large

company, you are more likely to come to a point when you have too many

members in one team.

That's why identifying this issue early on can save you a lot of

trouble. Otherwise, you might end up with an inefficient team, which

is the worst-case scenario. According to Jeff Bezos, the world richest

man and the owner of Amazon, you should apply the "TWO PIZZAS RULE",

meaning you should be able to feed your scrum team with two pizzas.

However, different organizations and companies require teams of

various sizes. Therefore, in this article, we will be addressing the

recommended size of the scrum team and see how your company fits into

this math.


By design, agile teams are responsive and flexible. Scrum teams should

be result-driven, lean, and small. Some experts say ...

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