How To Track Billable Hours? Tips for Increasing Your Profitability

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Balancing between billable and non-billable time is a constant

challenge for most agencies, consultants, freelancers, and other

contractors. It's safe to assume that companies and teams want to bill

as many hours as possible. But one of the most effective ways to land

new clients - and gain an opportunity for more billable hours - is to

do more non-billable work such as marketing, internal branding,

recruiting, etc. The goal here is to generate enough billable hours

and charge enough for them to make up for your non-billable activity.


In most cases, any time spent working on tasks directly related to

your client's project can be treated billable. While what is

considered a client-related task may vary from business to business,

during this article, we'll try and zoom in on a billable hours

definition that covers most bases when it comes to creative projects.


Total billable hours are the sum of time spent working on business

projects ...

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