How Electric Trikes Enhance Recreation and Lifestyle for People with Special Needs

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For years since its creation, e-trikes were seen as practical alternative modes of transportation. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more recognized as useful aids to those with special needs. Agencies like the NDIA in Australia grant special needs providers the opportunity to offer their mobility products to those in need. Through welfare projects like the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) they are able to give those with disabilities a new perspective in life.

Aging and physical limitations shouldn’t slow someone down, or mean that they can’t live their lives’ full potential. It is a good thing that innovations like electric trike bikes are now made more accessible. In this article, you will find out how this reliable mobility equipment can help enhance one’s lifestyle and recreation.

Electric Trike Bikes: Defined

An electric bike has 2 wheels, while an e-trike bike has 3. Just like the traditional tricycle, it has two rear wheels and one front wheel. This electric ride is known for its comfort, ease, and speed. It is also a very popular mobility option among elders and those with disabilities. With its ergonomic design, the e-ride has seen a surge in its patrons and is becoming more essential in the electric ride-able industry.

The e-trike bike has some features that a traditional tricycle doesn’t have. First of all, it runs on electric power. This means that it is easier to operate compared to a manual trike. It can be driven effortlessly just by a twist of the throttle, or light pedaling.   

It’s also equipped with a self-centralizing steering system, which lessens effort for the rider when it comes to re-centering. Another feature is its customizability. Some e-trikes can be attached with more comfortable seats and rear or front baskets, that increase convenience for the rider.

All of these features make it a user-friendly option for seniors and the disabled alike. There are more bewildering qualities to an e-trike, and you will know more about them as you read on.

Features of an Electric Trike Bike

Much like an e-bike, these lightweight electric rides have smart features that make them worth the purchase. Aside from their unique built and designs, let’s take a look at other features and functions that make them a crowd favorite.

LED Displaythis is definitely one of the most common attachments of an electric ride. This small monitor allows you to check the distance you have traveled, average speed, battery life, and even the pedal-assist mode that you have chosen.

Foldability – an e-trike might look huge, but there are some that are actually compact and foldable. This feature makes it easy for someone to take it anywhere; whether it be to a doctor’s appointment or a beach trip. This feature adds to the e-ride’s functionality.

Speed – unlike the traditional tricycle, an e-trike can go at a speed as fast as 25km/hr. This is a good way for the rider not only to get somewhere much quicker, this also allows them to feel a certain kind of rush that they won’t get from manual trikes. This aspect becomes helpful in boosting their confidence and sense of enjoyment.  

Making the Most out Of Life with an E-Trike

As someone with special needs, a person might think and feel he is limited when it comes to what he can do and achieve. Until some years ago, this was somehow true. Thanks to modern technology and innovation, this is no longer the case now. Not only are they able to go out and enjoy their day, but they can also be able to become productive members of society. Even more, they can now enjoy the great outdoors and playing sports as much as others do.

All these are made possible by innovations like the electric trike bike. Below are some aspects in which an e-trike can be helpful to someone with special needs.

  • With an e-trike, a person with a disability can fulfill his daily chores. Because of its smart features, an e-trike isn’t just limited to the use of an abled person. It is designed to be enjoyed by everyone and gives us a chance to be productive every day. Even doing the groceries can be easily done with this smart e-ride.

  • This personal mobility equipment allows those with special needs to feel more independent. Being able to go around freely without the need of being pushed gives someone a deeper sense of independence. This will also result in them feeling more confident about themselves, and will make them ready to take on new challenges.

  • E-trikes help increase their productivity. One insecurity a person with special needs might have is the feeling of not being productive. With mobility equipment like the electric trike, he is able to participate in social activities, and even get a chance to work in an office, or even on the field, just like others. This gives them the chance to increase their productivity and it takes them a step closer to their goal.

  • Riding an electric trike can provide much-needed exercise and therapy. Being cooped up in the house or a facility can affect someone’s physical and mental health. It is a good thing that there are 3-wheel electric bikes that can help them become more physically active. With the help of such assistive mobility equipment, they can get the chance to go out to enjoy nature, the outdoors, roads, and even off-roads too. They can also squeeze in exercise, as biking is a known source of cardio activity, and helps build muscle mass as well. Not is it only practical, it’s good for one’s health too!

  • Electric Mobility Equipment get them closer to their dreams. As this article has been pointing out since the beginning, equipment like the e-trikes serve as instruments for those with special needs to materialize their dreams. They are able to enjoy things like an average, abled person, and their confidence is built more and more every day.

Mobility equipment like e-trike bikes can be considered as a huge gift to mankind when it comes to these aspects. They have been very instrumental in changing the life of many people, and they will definitely continue to do so.

Finding the Best E-Trikes in Australia

Through the NDIS, more and more Australians are given the chance to live their lives fully and more productively. Part of this scheme is allowing online e-ride stores like E-Ride Solutions to provide mobility equipment for those who need it. While these stores can help and assist them in choosing what equipment might be good for them, it’s still up to the rider which one suits them the best.

In this section, we will look at three of the best and most convenient e-trike brands that one might want to consider.

Eurowheel Electric Trike Bike – this trike is an emerging favorite when it comes to convenience and stability. It is very suitable for those with mobility problems, as the operation can be done automatically with a twist of the throttle. It also comes with a front basket and a rear pack which allows them to carry as many items they can. The Eurowheel E-trike can be your new partner in attending to your day-to-day activities as you’ve never done before.

Progear E-Free 24” E-Trike Bike – the E-Free’s 250-watt DC brushless front wheel hub drive motor eliminates all the difficulties associated with pedaling traditional tricycles. This e-trike will allow someone to enjoy riding freely and easily, and will even let them enjoy the off-road. Enjoy a comfortable ride outdoors, and make the most out of a weekend trip in this three-wheel electric bike.

Overide Whipper Deluxe E-Trike Bike – this one might be the most expensive on the list, but only because it’s one of the newest and most advanced models out there. This trike bike sits low to the ground, which makes it easier for you to get on or off. This is suitable for those with limited mobile capacities. It also has a very comfortable seat and can be customized to fit your needs. The luxurious e-ride comes with a wide storage space that’s large enough to fir groceries, pets, or even other regular-sized mobility equipment.

E-Ride Solutions as a Proud NDIS Provider

Last May 2020, we proudly became proud NDIS providers. This has given us a lot of opportunities to help our countrymen with special needs with various mobility products they now use for everyday and recreational purposes. We have offered equipment like e-trike bikes, mobility scooters, and even electric wheelchairs.

 We are glad to say that our services are used to change the lives of many Australians, and will continue to do so for a long time.

If you are or have any family members that are in need of specialized mobility equipment, we will be more than happy to assist you. We have staff at the ready 24/7. All you have to do is visit our website at or contact us at 1300-617-33 9.    


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