Garbage in garbage out, can social media in the workplace change that?

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Garbage in garbage out (GIGO) is a popular computing jargon used in enterprise computing and IT applications in large corporations across the world. Social media in the workplace has the influence to change all that with the introduction of Web 3.0. Computer applications are designed by logical processes for transaction entry. If there is a poor data entry and the data is nonsensical, the output would also be poor and non-sensical.  Such poor and flawed data have huge implications. People believe what they see on the computers and they rely on the data for decision making. Owing to the speed, urgency and not much care taken during the data entry in large organizations, such garbage in, garbage out is a common phenomenon. Well, social media in the workplace is set to change all of that. A more recent statement ‘Garbage in, gospel out’ might be a reality in the future. The introduction of Web 3.0 Web 2.0 enabled us to make connections, create content and share it with our friends. It allowed us to interact with each other through multiple devices. Now with Web 3.0, the internet has become much smarter. We now call it the intelligent internet. It allows us to not just publish content on the internet in a democratized way but also mine data to suit the user’s requirements. Social media in the workplace with Web 3.0 might know the user’s preferences, analyze the meaning, and serve only pages and data which is highly relevant to the users. You can also read out blog post article on “The global brain and graph theory”. This affects the way, employees will create and use knowledge. Knowledge and data become more precious and they will be mined democratically where needed and when needed. Social media in the workplace will be more context dependent and context based. There will be smart interconnections among colleagues. People will start realizing the benefits and make an effort to enter the right and relevant information for future use. The introduction of Web 3.0 will change the ‘garbage in garbage out’ phenomenon. Knowledge generation and usage will be more dynamic, relevant and competitive within the organization. The organization becomes a ‘truly learning organization’. Learners will accelerate. Social media in the workplace will become the mainstream method for building competitive intelligence within companies. Employees will have to make use of those connections by having a common purpose.  It will continue to evolve and so will be strategies for changing needs. Shelf life of knowledge Another important feature is the shelf life of knowledge. Knowledge will become scarce as employees leave the organization. In the future, organizations that have the intellectual capital will have a competitive advantage and they will become more innovative.  Leadership teams and employees will become more wary of the data they enter in the computer applications. Intellectual capital will reside in the teams and Social media use in the workplace will be a channel through which sharing of expertise happens. Social media in ... Continue reading
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