Electric Bike Financing Through Zip Pay

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A lot of people want to buy and invest in this type of electric alternative mode of personal transportation. Owning an electric bike can be financially burdensome for many. Recently, the scheme that most people are looking into is this “buy now pay later electric bike” arrangement. This is made possible through Zip Pay. There is absolutely no need to worry about not having enough money to foot down the bill of buying an electric bike.


Now, if you want to own an electric bike, you will have to explore the Zip Pay offers. According to the company’s slogan “WE OWN EASY” promises those who would want to make business with them that it will be easier to own an electric bike. Those who avail of electric bikes through them will never pay interest again. All you have to do is pay off what you ordered before the interest-free period tends to en.

How Can I Qualify For Zip Money and Zip Pay?

There are certain requirements that you have to fulfill before you can avail of their services. An eligible client needs to be:

permanent resident or an Australian citizen

At least 18 years old

Employed in a certain capacity earning more than $300 weekly

No declaration of insolvency and bankruptcy

What is Zip Pay?

Zip Money is a reusable account that lets the user avail of buy now pay later arrangement. You can shop online and instore up to your account's credit limit. You can also set flexible repayments that will suit your way of life. There is no need to make a deposit and every purchase you which comes with interest-free period.

This Zip Pay is an avenue where consumers can explore the possibility of ebike finance offer. This is being offered by plenty of electric bike sellers across the country.

How Zippay Works As Easy Electric Bike Financing

According to theconversation.com, the Zippay has slightly different products: one is offering credit more than $1,000 is called Zip Money, the other offering credit up to $5,000 is referred to as Zip Pay. We will pay more attention to Zip Pay as the company's most popular or profitable service.


Zip Pay is specifically convenient in that you can access credit at the point of purchase with minimum hassle and little delay. It is an automated application process is quick and hassle-free. It says it can perform a credit check but there is no explicit income verification procedure.


Zip Pay promotes itself as free of interests. It instead charges a flat fee of $6 a month on whatever is owed and an additional $5 if the minimum monthly payment of $40 is not made on time. It also charges a 5% upfront fee to the retailer.


Ebike Finance With Zip Pay

This payment scheme does not require any amount as deposit

For order above $1,000 there is interest-free for 6 months

Get up to $5000 credit to purchase

Can be used on bike accessories

Account fee of $4.95 /month until the order is paid off

Guaranteed secured transactions


Why Is Zip Pay Beneficial?

Zip Pay account is really easy. All you have to do is simply apply and make various purchases as you want as long as it is within your limit.

Payment schemes are extremely flexible. Everyone is different. That is why you can ask them to tailor or structure your repayment schemes which are suitable for your way of life

The payment is really flexible. Everyone can avail of the services with free of interest. Every purchase you make through Zip will not come with interests (whether online and in-store purchase) until interest free period is over


Which will you choose: In-Store or Online Purchase?

Online shopping can be approved quickly. You can browse the store on any gadget or device and apply for a loan without interest upon checking out. Basically, the approval of loan applications are done and over within 5-10 minutes. 

While the “new normal” is coming in, people are looking for alternative ways of moving around going to and from one place to another. One of which is through the use of electric skateboards, bikes, and electric scooters. Although these electrical powered vehicles are expensive, they are worthwhile investments. The problem with unavailable funds or not enough money is a thing of the past now. A lot of people are using Zip Pay as their means of buying electric bikes.


What Models Can You Avail For Ebike Financing?

There are plenty of models you can choose from when you want to avail of electric bikes. If you visit the website of Eride Solutions, you will find a lot of options there. You can choose from electric city bikes, vintage bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, trike bikes and scooters. There are also various models as electric skateboard zippay offers. E-Ride Solutions do offer mobility products and unicycles for those who are interested about these electric vehicles.


These electric run bikes and scooters as well as skateboards can be a really viable option of transportation. You can definitely explore what Zip Pay has to offer. Contact https://www.eridesolutions.com.au/ for more information! Whether you are a seasoned bike rider, a newbie enthusiast, or looking for that first bike for your kids, you can definitely avail of the different models eridesolutions.com can offer.


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