Custom Availability and Time Tracking Limits

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest news on ActiveCollab’s updates! In our

previous post


we talked about recurring tasks and custom availability. This time,

we’ll show you how we incorporated the custom availability feature

throughout the app and created a better way to control time tracking.


In the current version, when an employee is on vacation or sick leave,

they’ll be marked as unavailable on that day when mentioning them or

assigning them tasks.

In ActiveCollab 8.0, setting a person’s availability to 0 hours will

mark them as unavailable on that day, and now, we’ve implemented

that feature to @mentions and the date picker.

When you try to mention a team member on a day their working hours are

set to 0, you’ll get a heads up that they’re not available. The

same will happen when choosing a due date for their assignments.


We’re ...

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