Be Aware Of Drunken Beach Rabbits by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Harvesting Bunny

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Harvesting BunnyA bunny harvesting rose hips at Scarborough State Beach

A couple of years ago, my son and I took an evening beach walk together. As we were leaving, we happened across some rabbits at play. They were running around, falling over, and stumbling. It was the oddest rabbit behavior that I had ever seen.

We observed these rabbits for a little while. They were running over to the beach rose bushes and eating the rose hips. They were gravitating to the very ripe rose hips in particular.

The rose hips were the realization of what was happening to these rabbits. I took a hip in my hand, broke it open, and smelled it. A distinct tang came forth Sitting in the sun all day, the ripe rose hips had fermented. These rabbits were drunk.

So if you see rabbits by the beach acting in an odd manner in the midst of summer, observe what they are eating. If they are in the rose hips, tell them that it is time to go home. They are drunk.

Indulgent Bunny

Indulgent BunnyA bunny harvesting rose hips at Scarborough State Beach

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