Asynchronous Communication and Collaboration

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While many crave in-person communication, sometimes talking to our

coworkers is impossible. So, instead of waiting for them to complete

their tasks, you send an email or a quick Slack message to get

everything you need.

The lack of real-life communication is becoming standard in

workplaces, even though multiple people might share the same office

space. It also becomes easier for remote employees not to miss out on

critical conversations at the office. But how is everyone

communicating if they aren't talking to each other? Have you ever

heard of asynchronous communication? Let's explain this term and see

how it affects your team and their performance.


Asynchronous communication is when two or more people engage in a

communicative act without being present at the same moment. It's a

dialog that develops over a period of time rather than instantly. It

might take hours, days, or even weeks to complete a conversation,

depending on your project.

So, instead ...
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There are definitely pros and cons to asynchronous communication. I find the pros vastly outweigh the cons, except for brainstorming and for handling emergencies. Those are two cons your article identifies. I don't think isolation and connection are big deals, as there are plenty of opportunities to connect with other people. Then again, I suppose I don't speak for extraverts.

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