A Foolproof Skincare Routine for All Skin Types

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Putting an effective skincare routine together for your skin type can be a rather challenging task. With so many different products in the market and various types of skincare routines, it can be confusing to choose the correct one for your skin. In fact, even determining your exact skin type is a challenge in itself.

If you’re facing any of the above problems, we might just have the perfect solution for you – a foolproof skincare routine for all skin types! Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, you don’t have to worry about figuring out which steps of a skincare routine you should follow and which ones you should miss.
Here are a few essential steps of a skincare routine that are meant for all types of skin.
Cleanse Your Face
Whether it’s a morning or night skincare routine, there’s one common way to start – facial cleansing. Well, even if you’re not following any skincare regimen, cleansing your face should be a habit! You should start your day by washing your face with a simple cleanser to get rid of any traces of makeup from the previous night and to freshen up your skin.
You should also consider cleansing your skin every time you return home. The external environmental factors such as the sun, smoke, debris, dust, and pollution are the worst enemies of your skin! They settle on your face, clogging up your pores, which eventually leads to discoloration and frequent acne breakouts. For this purpose, your skin requires proper cleansing to get rid of the dirt and other impurities without drying it out completely. When cleansing your face, make sure to wash with lukewarm water. Moreover, you should take a small amount of cleanser on your palms and rub it on your face in circular motions. Once you have washed off the cleanser, make sure to slowly pat it dry with a towel.
Even though this step is vital for everyone, those with different skin types can tailor the type of facial cleanser they are using according to their skin type. For instance, those with oily skin can go for a light, more-watery cleanser. On the other hand, those with dry skin should opt for a heavier and thicker cleanser.

Don’t Forget a Toner
Toners are often neglected when it comes to skincare routines. Many people claim that toners are ineffective, but that’s not true at all! Toners are a great way to balance the pH level of your skin. The reason that toners are used right after cleansers is that it helps get rid of excess residue leftover from your cleanser, especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Moreover, those with acne-prone skin should get a toner that contains salicylic acid to help control breakouts. While those who have combination or dry skin find this step unnecessary (since toners can dry out skin), it’s not exactly true. If you have combination, dry or sensitive skin, you can get a hydrating toner to soothe your skin.
Use a Facial Serum
A facial serum is a highly essential and integral part of any skincare routine. The only catch is that just like a cleanser, you need to choose a facial serum based on your skincare needs. In general, facial serums are specially formulated to target specific, problematic areas of your skin. However, unlike a cleanser, serums host active and mostly natural ingredients that are specifically concentrated in order to treat special issues.
All serums entail different combinations of a variety of active ingredients including antioxidants, retinol, and peptides. All of these ingredients are the most important proteins and substances that your skin requires in order to function properly. So, don’t be worried or intimidated by the different types of serums; there’s one particular serum that is super-hydrating for almost oily, dry, and combination skin – an anti-aging vitamin C face serum.
Many dermatologists recommend a water-based serum for oily skin types. Moreover, those with dry skin should opt for a more oil-based serum that hydrates their skin. After you determine whether you need an oil-based or water-based serum, you can choose the different active ingredients that your serum should definitely contain. The point is, despite the skin problems you are trying to treat or prevent whether it’s dark spots, acne scars, or wrinkles, serums are an essential part of skincare.

Hydrate Your Skin with a Moisturizer
Moisturizing is a highly non-negotiable step in your skincare routine just like cleansing. A huge misconception surrounding moisturizers is that those with oily skin don’t require them as their skin produces enough oil. Well, like we said, this is a huge misconception. Despite your age, your skin type or your daily routine, your skin requires hydration, which it can only get through a great moisturizing cream with an effective formula. Remember, the more hydrated your skin will be, the younger and healthier it will appear.
Your body comes with its own hydration system that entails oil-secreting glands. They sebum glands strive to maintain a protective cover against harsh environmental conditions, but despite this, your skin needs extra-hydration.
When it comes to selecting the perfect moisturizer, those with oily skin should opt for a light and thin moisturizer to help balance out the oil in their skin. Moreover, those who have dry skin require more hydration due to their dry skin glands. So, therefore, they should opt for a heavier, cream-based moisturizing cream. If you’re looking for a great anti-aging moisturizer, you should search for an anti-wrinkle retinol cream.
Another major point to note is that you shouldn’t wait for your skin to completely dry up in order to apply a moisturizer. A moisturizing cream works best only when your skin is a little damp as it helps trap in the moisture and hydration more effectively.
Apply Eye Cream
One of the most sensitive parts of your face is none other than your under-eye area. If you’re paying attention your face, you might as well consider this area too. The skin under your eye is very delicate, making it prone to visible signs of aging such as sagging skin. The best way to combat this is to apply a good under-eye cream. This offers your skin extra-hydration and moisturization, helping it appear plumper and healthier by diminishing puffiness. You can apply this cream by tapping on small dots under your eyes, and then gently rubbing them till they blend in your skin.
Wrapping Up
You can make your life easier and your skin softer by setting a daily skincare routine! It can be difficult to get into the habit in the beginning, but with time, you will notice drastic improvements in the health and appearance of your skin.
The main step for you is to figure out your skin type – whether you have dry, oil or combination skin. Then, you can easily tailor these different steps by using suitable products preferably organic skincare products. However, the best part is that there are some skincare products that are suitable for all skin types like the Vitamin C Anti Aging Wrinkle Serum by ML Delicate Beauty!
This uber-hydrating serum containing some spectacular ingredients such as ferulic acid and vitamin B3 that will hydrate your skin like no other and is the best anti aging serum out there! Remember not to compromise and to only choose the best skincare products!
What does your daily skincare routine comprise of? Let us know in the comments below!

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