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My name is Roman, and I run Dandify Design Studio

[https://dandifydesign.com/]. We are working on the digital design

world with the help of ActiveCollab.


I started my career as a design engineer in the aviation field. Once

we had free time in our office, I created a 3D model and realistic

render of some food and drinks in engineering CAD software just for

fun. The result was outstanding, and no one believed this was

possible! It was the starting point of my graphic business.

A few years later, I had a strong freelance business and a lot of

customers. It was time to grow my business and start Dandify Design


I was a designer with zero management, bookkeeping, and business

skills. For this reason, it was hard for me to grow. In addition, I

didn't want to invest in something except my time and efforts as the

risks were very high.

So I built everything with my hands and started researching different

apps to help me. Of course, we used world-known applications for

bookkeeping ...

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