5 Tips to Help Your Interracial Relationship! A Black Males Perspective

                 There are plenty of obstacles we have to overcome in everyday life and one of them can be the one you love. In our short time on earth we have enough to worry about, it would be nice if the barrage of scrutiny is not because of your choice of who you spend your life with. During these difficult times when race relations is at the forefront of our minds, it is a good time to strengthen your interracial relationship by paying closer attention to why as an African American you love your white partner and why as a Caucasian you love your black partner.                We are never going to change an entire countries mind about interracial relationships, but we can attempt to strengthen the ties that are already connected and educate the ignorant.                 Here are five tidbits of advice to keep your interracial relationship strong and to help you persevere.              Don’t listen to the Nay Sayers - People are going to hate no matter what. Boy If I had a nickel for every time I heard “All the good black men are taken by white woman.”                 Don’t overreact -If you feel your significant other crossed the racial line, think before you jump to conclusions. Ask her/him what they meant and then educate, educate, educate them                Be 100% genuine - I know of several incidents in which interracial couples fall-out and after, throw around racial insults to hurt their counterpart. If you are genuine it is not about race it’s about the person.                Support one another - As a black man my wife is constantly reminded of the difficulties of the life of a black man. She has been very supportive and helpful in my pursuit to succeed. Trying to succeed being 3 steps behind I sometimes have not recognized that. Take time to reflect on your significant others sacrifices for you and let her know her worth.                  Be patient - You are not going to understand a different culture without education and experience, so don’t act as if you know where the other is coming from until you ask questions and ponder the answers.  Author: Parris Burton Sr.Ai

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