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It is interesting that the most tested element in email marketing is the "subject", since that is the headline. On a poster or in a magazine, that makes sense; you can't test frequency or time of day/ So marketers are used to testing the headline. But I wonder if when it come to emails, could frequency or time-of the day (or week) make more of a difference. I am certainly not dissing the headline, but has anybody studied the relative importance of these factors?

Right. It is all a matter of how one approaches things. There are very deliberate, purposeful black-hat spammers. And then there are eager webmasters doing whatever they can to promote their websites. But they are both treated the same. Using a shotgun approach to marketing is not the same thing as creating doorway pages, and it really should not be treated the same way.

Some good points, especially about being concise. While 200-word blog posts are often the sign of laziness, sometimes longer blog posts are the sign of poor writing skills. However, my favourite use of Twitter is for ideas. Without searching for them, I have gotten some great blogging ideas on Twitter.

Great interview, guys. "Subtle adjustments" is just another word for adapting to the real world - which for some reason or other does not always want to cooperate with our best laid plans. Congratulations on your victory over the world. ;-)

This year I will be away for several days. I am still unsure as to whether I'll sneak in a post just after Christmas or just before New Years. We shall see.

on Blogging During the Holidays

It is heartening to hear Devesh express such a community minded attitude. Active members of a site like this are all trying to be good community members, balancing that with a measure of promotion and squeezed by a work overload. If ever I was lapsing into an approach that Devesh (or the owner of any site like this) felt was inappropriate, I would certainly prefer to to be quietly spoken with so that I could change. Why ban an active user, when you could instead provide direction? (There is probably a great blog post seed in this story for some management guru.)