Top 35 Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2019

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Top 35 Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2019
Uma Bhat
Mon, 04/29/2019 - 11:35

Getting to know what people are feeling about your brand is the key to your business success. Gone are the days when brands used to float surveys and telephonic interviews. In today’s social media age, users are pouring their feedback instantly on social media. At the same time, they expect response from brands at the speed of light! The key part of social media management involves in listening to the users and keeping people happy by responding to their social media activities.

But how do you know if your customers are talking about you? Many times, users don’t directly tag the brands nor mention them in their comments. This makes it tougher for brands to track user response. Is it possible to manually check the social media for the feedback and comments? Humanly impossible.

Here is a better way. There are plenty of awesome social media monitoring tools that come to rescue.

What is Social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the process of listening to social media conversations relating to your brand.

Brand monitoring in simple terms means an effort by brands to know the feedback or an opinion about products and services directly from consumers, in addition to listening who is saying what about your industry and competitors. 

Why is social media monitoring important?

Consumers of products and services are all over the internet and are using social media, forums, blogs, online communities, and websites to express their experiences, liking or hatred towards a brand. When the name of a company or the product name is mentioned in a social media post, or a blog, or any other form of content, this is referred to as brand mention.

When business or brands start tracking brand mentions it can lead to collection of honest feedback, insights into what customers feel, opportunities to manage your brand reputation, and an understanding around how consumers interact with your brand's products or services.

How to monitor social media?

Brands have understood that there is a great value in monitoring discussions about their products and services online.  So how exactly do you start monitoring social media.

There are 3 ways in which you can do it.

Manual monitoring: You can conduct a manual monitoring process by going through the social media pages of your brand, your competitors and other influencers in your domain. You can also browse through blogs and community forums to find if people are talking about your brand. But this can become very cumbersome since it requires huge time and effort from your side.

Free monitoring tools:  Basic monitoring can be performed using the free tools available in the market. Google alerts can help social media monitoring for beginners. It will help you to listen to conversations involving your brand and also your competitors.

Paid monitoring tools: Paid tools offer broader monitoring features such as deep analysis and reports. Tools such as SocialClout and Hootsuite can be used by social media managers to track and monitor audience activities. For example Cloohawk can identify the posts that are performing well with your competitors. It also gives you a list of posts where the customers have posted negative comments regarding the products and services of your competitor. You can capture the moment and engage with the unhappy customers of your competitors to convert them into leads.

Here is a list of Top 35 Social Media Monitoring Tools worth considering:

1. Cloohawk
Cloohawk is a suite of social media growth strategies, with powerful automation. With Cloohawk you can view all your comments, messages and brand mentions on social media. You can track influencers and followers, trending topics and leading hashtags. Cloohawk offers priceless insights that help your brand to track and improve your social media marketing strategy.

2. Likealyzer
Likealyzer is a free tool that allows you to add your Facebook pages to monitor performance. It has a feature where it ranks your page on a scale of 100 and compares your page with other similar pages in the industry. It also monitors length of the post, engagement rate and timing and provides recommendations to improve your engagement.

3. Agorapulse
Agorapulse is a social media monitoring tools that can hear users, influencers and ambassadors. With Agorapulse, brands can discover social media conversations that contains words or phrases that are specified by you. You can also go beyond names, and go on to set up more searches about your brand, marketplace, competition and hashtags.

4. BuzzSumo
BuzzSumo is a social media monitoring tool that comes with features to keep track of brand mentions on social media as well as blogs and articles. It also can identify the people who share your content or any content that has your brand mention. BuzzSumo comes with alerts. The alerts notify you when there is a brand mention on the blog or article or social media.

5. Awario
Awario is a social media monitoring tool for enterprises and agencies. It covers the major social media, news publishers and blogs. Its features allow you to monitor mentions of your brand, competitors and your marketing campaigns. Awario monitors 13 billion web pages daily along with major social media websites, thereby bringing loads of data in real time.

6. Brandwatch
Brandwatch’s Brandwatch analytics is a monitorial tool that can tracks hashtags, keywords and phrases across 80 million sources.  It can track data from social media such as Facebook and Twitter and also from blogs, articles, forums and many other sources. You can monitor keywords, like products, your company name or names of your competitors.

7. Followerwonk
Followerwonk is social media monitoring tool that offers insights into your Twitter data. With Followerwonk, brands can search and collect information to optimize marketing campaigns. You can monitor your followers, their location and times they mostly tweet. It shows a complete breakdown of your followers and their activities.

8. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a social media monitoring tool that makes social listening and monitoring easy for your brand. It monitors and helps you to ascertain what kind of content is working for you. It can find and filter social media conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location, in many languages. It can hear what people are talking about your brand, competitors, and industry.

9. Brand24
Brand24 is a social media monitoring tools that allows you to deep dive into social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs, articles and forums. It collects your brand mentions and allows you to reply. It has the ability to analyze your social media interactions, reach and sentiments.

10. Sendible
Sendible is a social media monitoring tool that proactively monitors the numerous conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others to fetch the brand mentions that matter most to you. With Sendible you can know and react to audience comments relating to your brand, industry and competitors.

11. Google Alerts
Google alerts is a free monitoring tool that allows you to set up and monitor important keywords and phrases. With Google alerts you can track conversations and mentions that you might miss if not tracked.

12. If This Then That (IFTTT)
IFTTT is a social media monitoring tool that tracks brand and company mentions on social media. With IFTTT you can set up a recipe to “listen” to social mentions of your brand, or a hashtag or your competitor. The recipe will gather and save these mentions in a Google spreadsheet. You can access the data any time and also share it with your team when necessary.

13. Reputology
Reputology is a social media moniroting tools that basically  gathers reviews and comments on your brand in real-time so that brands can use this data to respond in a timely manner. Brands can quickly respond using automated email notifications to stay on top of new reviews and reply directly from the Reputology interface.

14. Boardreader
Boardreader is a tool to sear keywords specifically for forums and boards. Brands will be able to search any topic and keywords to find out what people are talking on message boards which are considered “invisible web”. You can also set up an advanced search.

15. Crowd Analyzer
Crowd Analyzer is a monitoring tool that empowers your business with relevant data when it comes to listening to your customers on social media. It helps you to create the most successful social media campaigns & marketing strategies.

16. HowSociable
HowSociable is a monitoring tool that provides simple ways to monitor your brand’s impact on the social platforms. Its magnitude score is an indication of the brand activity in a particular week.  It can analyze activity on up to 36 popular websites.

17. Crimson Hexagon
Crimson Hexagon is a social media monitoring tool that can help you to understand your campaigns using consumer responses. It allows you to understand the success of your campaigns by analyzing the consumer reactions and audience reach.

18. Mention
Mention is a social media monitoring tool that discovers when users mention your brand on social media. It can track more than 1 billion sources such as social media, articles, blogs and forums. You can set up 5,000 alerts and mentions in a month.

19. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media monitoring too that gives insight into what’s going on in your customers’ minds. You can set up monitoring of your important keywords, hashtags, URLs, topics, @mentions and much more around for your brand, audience, and industry.

20. is a social media monitoring tool that can help brands with social listening, customer engagement, content marketing, and audience management. With its features, brands can monitor their keywords, stay on top of popular topics, and engage influencers. It supports social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

21. HubSpot

HubSpot is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to monitor the stream of conversations on social media. It can track conversations, mentions and replies relating to your brand of users across all of your social media channels that are connected to HubSpot irrespective of whether they follow you or not.

22. Simply Measured

Simply measured is a monitoring tool and is a part of Sprout Social. With the help of this tool you can view how your audience perceives your brand. It can collate a word cloud of keywords and hashtags. With Simply measured, you can set up set up a query to go out and listen to audience across several social media sources to find conversations happening about your brand and your competitors.

23. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a social media monitoring tool that can be used to track mentions across various social media channels. It helps to understand a clear view of your brand position in the industry. With this tool, you can pinpoint what is working well and what is not working as expected.

24. SumAll

SumAll is a social media monitoring tool that connects to different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It provides insights into the followers, influencers, engagements and interactions. It also sends daily email updates that gives a summary of the top level statistics and compares with the earlier week performance.

25. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media monitoring tool with a smart inbox where all social mentions and messages are delivered. The discovery feature is used to track specific keywords. It is also used for monitoring conversations that contain the names of your brand competitors on social media.

26. Social Mention

Social Mention is a free social media monitoring tool that lets you search what people are talking about your brand and your services. It can be used to search on social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs and articles.

27. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is a social media tool that will track the share of audience voice across different social media platforms. It will track engagement on brand posts on your social pages over time and help you to arrive at such as the shareability and effectiveness. 

28. Tailwind

Tailwaind is a monitoring tool specially for Instagram and Pinterest. It will get insights into the main words that your consumers are using while searching for your products.  You can also monitor hashtags on Instagram so that you can connect with your audience.

29. Talkwalker

Talwalker is a social media monitoring tool that can monitors your brand’s activities on all social channels and online media in real-time, on all markets, in 187 languages. With Talwalker you can find out what customers think about your campaigns, products, events and brands.

30. Lithium

Lithium, which acquired the social media monitoring tool, Klout, is a tool which can be used to understand and respond directly to your audience on social media. It gives insight into the conversations that people are having about your brand.

31. Tweepsmap

Tweepsmap helps you to track the most relevant hashtags for your brand. With Tweepsmap you can understand where your audience is and also learn more on their key demographics. It will provide actionable intelligence to engage your audience based on their location, interests, and profile.

32. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a Twitter monitoring tools which is good for monitoring tweets and interactions with users. You can also track hashtags and manage multiple accounts. You can be aware of what’s being said about your brand and also who is saying it.  You want to know what’s the conversation around your brand and who is driving it.

33. Digimind

Digimind is a tool that gives a visual summary of your social media performance. With digimind you can track and monitor your social media posts. You can compare your performance against your industry competitors.

34. TweetReach

TweetReach is a social media monitoring tool that digs deep into monitoring the performance of your posts across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It will help you figure out what's working and what isn't. With TweetReach you can measure the actual impact and implications of social media discussions.

35. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a monitoring too that can track your brand conversations when you add hashtags, users, or lists. The details are summarized and displayed as graphs and easily digestible stats. The statistics of your tweets, engagement statistics and much more is displayed in dashboards with graphs.


Social media management is all about responding to tweets and messages within few minutes. It is highly impossible for social media marketers to keep track of all the conversations on social media. Hence social media marketers have to find ways to automate as much tasks as possible. Artificial Intelligence monitoring tools will allow you to track your brand name, keywords, hashtags, competitors that you wish to monitor.

You can also define the source such as various websites, news channels, blogs, forums and any other general websites. There are tools that offer advanced features such as sorting feature with which you can sort the numerous mentions based on dates, location, handles, etc. With social media monitoring, you have a tool to catch what you missed while you were busy with other marketing activities.

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