Relationship:Why do people pull out or startup?

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 According to Investopedia, research has it that 21.5% of startups fall in the first year,30% in the second year,50% in the fifth year and 70% in the tenth year.Aside the basic factors affecting the growth of startups, one remains neglected : Faulty foundation.The followings are reasons why new startup emerge everyday.Fresh graduates/ apprentice venturing into a new business.A worker tendering his resignation to experiment further on his gathered experience(s).A top personnel of an organization pulling out to establish his firm.An associate clergy man who feels he's got fresh fire of his own.Creating a blog you love or website in 2021,all you need to knowOn what ground are you starting or pulling out?A fresh graduate/apprentice.Every existing business has chapter and verse of key principles which must be studied and mastered to succeed. Both are green horns with no business acumen. They need few years to master their prospective choices of business to avoid being a fiasco. The reverse is the case, they have an eye to the main chance."Education gives you the ability to try new things and be efficient but not limited to.""An apprentice who is unwilling to learn becomes a hard cheese."Top personnel pulling out to establish their own firm.It's a commendable feat for growth in every sphere is a necessity,but which database are you relying on?Do you intend starting from scratch,on a clean slate?Have you mapped out your marketing plans?Would you cut corners and use the same database as your previous organization?Have a rethink and do the needful.An associate clergy man whose got fresh fire.Jesus ordered his disciples to go into the World and spread the gospel. Going by the days of Christ, the church was a meeting where brethren converged to commune in love. Well,times have changed." If you've outgrown the use of a thing, person or organization, leave quietly.Do not go about slandering because there was a time it meant the world to you. Let those following your trail benefit also.Do not spill secret.Do not defameDo not drag to firth."Let there exist a mutual understanding between both parties,then leave in good fate,be true to yourself and all things will work for your sake.Let's chew the cud. The text below is culled from Pease &Cullen,our focus here is Gold.It might surprise you to know that gold jewelry isn’t all pure gold. Because of this, a refiner must assess the material to calculate what percentage pure gold it is.The reason that gold jewelry isn’t always pure gold is that gold is soft. To make it harder and stronger, manufacturers use other metals such as platinum, palladium, silver or copper. The resulting gold alloy can be used to make all kind of things such as coins and jewelry.This means that when you sell your gold jewelry, a refiner has to determine how much of it is pure gold and how much is other alloyed metals.We use a unit of measurement called a karat to denote how much gold is in an alloy. A karat is one part out of 24. By this measurement, then, pure gold would be 24 karats. An 18-karat gold ring would be 18 parts pure gold and six parts another metal alloy.Source: Pease&Cullen webpostSome jewelry goes one step further than this. This jewelry consists of a thin layer of gold on top of another metal. In this case, the karat number of the gold refers just to the gold layer of plating and not the metal underneath.To assess and refine the gold, the refiner will need to separate the gold from the other elements and determine how much of each substance there is and what they’re worth.In a nutshell ,Gold is tested over and over again via rigorous process before it becomes a 'Caviar to the General'. Be like Gold!LearnAttract positive componentsWeigh your optionsFilter out dirtHave a good orientationBe refined.Only then,you shall be a name to conjure with and whatever you embark on shall yield bountiful harvest.

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