Overcome 7 Top Social Media Marketing Challenges

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Overcome 7 Top Social Media Marketing Challenges
Uma Bhat
Fri, 06/01/2018 - 12:02

With the ever evolving social media platforms, high demanding role and customers seeking attention on social media, maintaining a balance on social media marketing has emerged as one of the biggest challenge for a social media marketer.

Social media managers know that social media marketing provides an extensive reach and brings the benefit of direct interaction with customers.

Though social media marketing is considered as an effective strategy for reaching and engaging with customers, it comes with its share of challenges.

With high competition on social media, it has become much more difficult for a social media manager to derive valuable return from social media marketing. There are numerous challenges that a social media manager faces.

Here are Top 7 Social Media Marketing Challenges and ways in which you can overcome them:

Measuring ROI

Social media marketing is not spared when it comes to measuring the return on investment. Marketers need to constantly evaluate the techniques and strategies that they implemented.  In fact this has come up as the top most challenging aspect for a social media marketer.

How to overcome the challenge:

Identify your key performance indicators

Compare social media goals to the overall business goals

Compare with competitors

Set up analytics to track performance

Doing all this is time-consuming especially when you want these on daily and weekly basis.

There’s an easier way. You can choose the right fit from amongst hundreds of social media management tools. With this you will be able to get the required information at your fingertips.

Designing a social media strategy

When social media is being used by more than 3 billion users worldwide, social media marketers definitely cannot ignore social media as one of the top marketing channels.

With that comes up a huge challenge of designing the right social media strategy. Brands must invest in their social media marketing strategies to increase engagement and ultimately get more leads.

How to overcome the challenge:

Make specific goals for more effectiveness

Revolve all campaigns around your audience

Monitor competition

Track metrics for continuous improvement

Building your social media strategy is indeed a substantial task. Social media strategy should always be evolving.

Social media managers should take benefit by building clear strategies that define the goals, measure the objectives, identify target audience, research competition and monitor performance continuously.

Getting Followers

Getting more followers on social media is one of the biggest challenges that every social media marketers faces. Brands are more interested in increasing followers since they are perceived as future customers.

When your follower count is less, you are perceived as unpopular. Low follower count also means that your content is not reaching enough number of people who would further share it in their circles thereby reducing the overall reach of your content.

How to overcome the challenge:

First follow accounts to get more followers

Share valuable and informative content

Engage with audience

Collaborate with partners to launch campaigns

Getting relevant and engaging followers can be a daunting task for the social media marketers. But with availability of social media management tools such as Cloohawk, identifying the right people to follow is no more a challenge for the social media manager.            
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Dipping Organic reach

The number of users on various social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has crossed several millions.  High volume of content is being created and curated to be published on the social media. But the algorithms on different platforms are keen on increasing engagement of users thereby making smart algorithm changes to remove junk.

This can pose challenges to social media marketers since they often see a dip in the organic reach of their content.

How to overcome the challenge:

Build brand authority

Post high quality unique content

Post videos to drive your reach

Target posts to make sure that they reach the right people

The influx of content on social media platforms has resulted in a decline in organic reach. Hence you have to come up with creative ways of providing high quality valuable content to your audience.
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Increasing audience engagement

Social media is used highly by brands to interact with fans and potential customers. It is a great medium to communicate and connect with your audience.

But with the increased use of social media, the social media manager faces the challenge of constantly find ways to connect with audience to increase engagement. But generating engagement is not easy. It’s just not about liking and sharing posts.

How to overcome the challenge:

First know your audience

Share great content (text, video and images)

Like, share and retweet posts

Start conversations on social media

Having a social media profile and posting random content will not take your brand anywhere. Produce engaging content that grabs the eyeballs of your audience and further pushes them to like it and share it.
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Time management

Social media manager is constantly struggling to fit in many tasks into a 24-hour day. Managing numerous social networks, engage  with audience, create and publish content, manage social media campaigns, and achieve social media marketing targets can be quite a challenging task it when there is so little time to execute.

How to overcome the challenge:

Plan your daily calendar

Use technology to the most out of our workdays

Start using social media management tools

Automation to reduce time on daily routine tasks

Social media has become a vital necessity for all brands and there is no doubt that it is time a consuming activity.

But the good news is that with the advancement of social media it has given birth to a lot of social media management tools which offer help in overcoming the challenge of time management.
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Analyzing Social media performance

Social media analytics can be a huge task for a social media manager.  The humongous amount of data available on social network makes it close to impossible for a marketer to categorize useful data that can be used to learn more about the behavior of your audience.  If data management is not done appropriately, then there are high chances of missing out on new leads, industry trends, audience conversations and brand mentions.

How to overcome the challenge:

Use a centralized and unified platform for managing data

Breakdown the data into useful information

Analyze the data for customer insights

Use smart social media management tools

Social media analytics is key to measure the success of your social media activity. When you conduct regular analysis, your brand can gain by identifying the trends, discovering potential influencers, finding engaging content, and much more.

If you have been part of social media marketing, you are not a stranger to the fact that you will have to face numerous challenges on your way to reach successful social media marketing.

Wise is in being ready to face the challenges by understanding the requirements and to prepare yourself to overcome the challenges.

Learn to embrace the solutions such as adopting social media management tools, automation, time management and tools to measure your social media performance.  This will make your social media marketing journey much more simpler.

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