How to Unfollow People on Twitter

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How to Unfollow People on Twitter
Tue, 12/12/2017 - 17:19

Have you been in a place where you receive too many tweets and self-promotion content from a particular account or person?

When someone endlessly pops up in my feed, I would unfollow such people on twitter. If you do not wish to see the tweets and posts from a particular account that you are following, then you can unfollow people on twitter. 

Learn how to Unfollow people on Twitter. Here’s how.

On your twitter home page, click on the tab ‘following’ that appears on the left side of the screen.

A list of all the people or accounts that you follow will appear

Identify the account that you wish to unfollow on  twitter.

Hover over the button ‘following’ that is displayed next to the account name

Notice that it changes to ‘unfollow’

Click on the ‘unfollow’ button

The person or account will no longer be in your following list.

Now you no longer can see their spamming posts.

If you wish to bulk unfollow people on twitter, then you might have to consider Twitter unfollowing tools.

These tools have their own restrictions, which if not followed will lead to your account getting suspended.

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