How a Sneaky San Jose Scavenger Taught Me 3 Blogging Lessons

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His grubby paws fingered the half eaten, greasy sausage. McMuffin crumbs. Syrupy pancake remnants. A thimble full of coffee.

Nothing was off limits for this sneaky San Jose scavenger.

During my recent trip to Costa Rica my wife Kelli and I chilled in the capital of San Jose for a day (we knew the way). We enjoyed breakfast at 1 of the 14 million McDonald's fast food joints in the city. I was simultaneously stunned and entertained by the pillager of home fries. How could a guy be so bold? Clearly he wasn't a desperate street guy. Clean-cut, dressed well (compared to me he was dressed to the nines) and even the way he picked through spare McD's fare suggested he could afford to be.....picky. This bold buzzard taught me - and you - 3...


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