Gaya to be the leader in farming

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How did Gaya change after the fall of the Gaya Confederacy due to King Gwanggaeto's attack in 400?  A new leader has not emerged to reestablish the shattered confederation.   There was a country growing slowly in the northwest.That country was located in the Gyeongsangbuk-do area.The name Daegaya was not first used.  The original name was Banpa-guk or Banro-guk.In place of Geumgwan Gaya, he became the leader of the confederacy and began to call himself Dae Gaya.  The origin of Gaya's name was Nam Gaya because it was known to mean Gaya in the south  In the 400th century, Gaya and other southern coastal areas were devastated by Goguryeo's attackIt was so deep in the country that it suffered little damage.Daegaya grew the power of the country very slowly by farming in the aged region.In Korea, it was famous for its fertile land, where farming was best done.Not only that, but also the iron-rich iron ore deposits in the neighboring areas.The fertile field of iron ore was enough to be the leader of the confederacy.Also, it was easy to communicate by land route because it was close to Baekje, which was culturally advanced.  In addition, iron engineers from the southern coastal areas of the country gathered in Dae Gaya and gained more power.Now, no one could ignore the fact that the fertile land and the ironware had been acquired.  Dae-ya brought the neighboring countries together to rebuild the Yeonpyong.And he rose to the rank of leader of the new league.This is how the Gaya Confederacy, centered on Gaya, was re-established.This was around 500 years ago.

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