Creating Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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Creating Healthy Smoothie Recipes
By Bryn Ray

You'll find healthy smoothie recipes all over the internet these days, but wouldn't it be nice to know the perfect formula for making your own? Well, here at TRAINFITNESS we've whipped up a simple five step guide of how to create your own healthy smoothie recipes.
Healthy smoothies are the ideal fuel when on the move be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a snack. When made correctly smoothies can provide the important protein, vitamins and minerals needed to maximise your nutrient intake.
Step 1: Fruit & Veg
At the heart of all healthy smoothie recipes is a variety of fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. Anywhere between 2-4 types should do the trick. Try to pick a variety of colors to maximise the range of nutrients, but for that added health kick make sure there is something green in there e.g. Spinach or Kale.
Step 2: Liquid base
You then need to choose a base for the smoothie. This comes in the form of a liquid e.g. milk, water or juice. The amount of liquid required will depend on what other ingredients you include, but start with a little, blend, then add more if required.
Step 3: Thicken it
To get that thick and luxurious texture we all love, once you have you fruit/veg and a base you'll want to thicken it up. Don't be afraid to get creative with this - you can pick anything from nut butter to muesli. A good option for those looking to create low calorie healthy smoothie recipes is to just add a few cubes of ice.
Step 4: Add flavour
Add a little something extra to maximise the flavor. If you have a sweet tooth a little drizzle of honey will go a long way. For the calorie conscious you may want to try things like vanilla extract or cinnamon in your healthy smoothie recipes.
Step 5: Power up
Make sure your smoothie packs the ultimate punch by topping it off with nutrient-rich superfoods or supplements. Smoothies are a tasty and convenient way to get these extras in!
Over the coming weeks we'll be producing a range of exciting smoothies following this formula that will be included in our healthy smoothie recipes book. If you have a recipe you'd like to share and think it's got what it take to make it into our recipe book, we'd love to hear it. You can drop us an email or find TRAINFITNESS on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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