Boatyard Morning by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Boatyard Morning At The Waterline

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Boatyard Morning At The WaterlineAn early summer morning in the boatyard. As the sun rises, quiet before activity occurs.

On a hazy early Monday summer morning, a workboat rests. It is the only rest that the little craft will see this week. Soon, it will be buzzing about to move boats, repair docks, and tend to the myriad of boatyard tasks of the day.

These little work skiffs ask for no appreciation, but their silence calls for respect. Crafted for care with gunwale cushions, they have the trust of finely appointed yachts. Rugged and capable, their brawn hauls marine equipment with ease.

Like the people that operate them, these boats are almost invisible. The problems of the boatyard are solved before they happen. The right people with the right equipment often work this way. They are rarely seen because they are good at their jobs. We should appreciate and praise them all the more.

Morning Sunlight And A Workboat

Morning Sunlight And A WorkboatMorning Sunlight And A Workboat

Hazy Boatyard Morning

Hazy Boatyard MorningThe sun peeks around hazy corners in a morning boatyard view on Point Judith Pond

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