6 Reasons To Have Content Curation in your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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6 Reasons To Have Content Curation in your Social Media Marketing Strategy
Uma Bhat
Tue, 06/12/2018 - 14:07

Social media marketers cannot stress enough on having informative and engaging content that can attract and retain social media audience. This drives social media managers to constantly look out for quality content.

While every marketer would love to create and share original content, getting fresh ideas for creating content for your blog, social media posts and e-books can seem challenging.

But at the same time, it is also important to note that originally created quality content alone by is not sufficient to meet your social media marketing goals. 

What is the magic formula for creating and sharing content that will gain attention of your audience?

 It’s called content curation!  

What is content curation?

If I need to explain in simple terms, then it is the act of browsing through a large amount of content, to find and filter out the content that is of interest to your audience.

Curation does not involve creating original content. Curation is an act of finding content based on your customer personas, arranging the content in an orderly manner to make it easy for your readers and finally sharing it with your audience at the right time.

Reasons for Content Curation

A social media research found that 76% of social media marketers share curated content on social media channels.

Why do you think such a high percentage of marketers are using curated content?

As a marketer, it’s very evident that you do not have enough time, money and resources to create high-quality content every single time. Even though original content should be very much part of your content strategy, curated content will save you time and resources that are used towards engaging your audience and get traffic to your website.

Here are 6 Reasons why Content Curation should be a part of your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Offers value to your target audience

When marketers curate content, you are actually addressing the challenges, and answering questions of a very specific sub group on social media. This offers more value to your target audience.  It is very obvious that quality content requires lot of time and effort and cannot offer continuous content related to your target audience.

When content curation is done well, it fills the gaps in your content thereby offering more value.

Content curation uses the breadth and depth of information and even specific expertise that you as a marketer cannot offer to your audience with original content.

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2. Broadens content offering

Don’t we agree that our online spaces like Twitter, Facebook, website, blogs, etc., need relevant and continuous content in order to retain readers?

When we have to stay ahead in the social media game, our social footprint needs a regular supply of content.

When you curate articles, you gain a wealth of information about a particular subject. Curated content helps to consistently keep the content calendar filled with relevant content to keep your readers engaged.

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3. Builds  Brand Credibility

Content curation is all about being able to decide and select the best of the information available for your audience. Here you become the tastemaker.

Your brand content should depict your views and opinions about a particular subject. When you support issues and take a strong stance on the issues relating to your industry, you develop your brand credibility.

Display your thought leadership by supporting content from your industry players.

Curated content helps you to add context to your thoughts and your brand’s philosophy, thereby boosting your brand credibility.

4.  Expands Your Audience

Content curation supports you to better serve your existing audience. It is also a proven way to reach a new set of target audience. When you share your curated post on social media along with your tags, there are high chances that your current audience share the post with their audience thereby expanding your audience.

When you use mentions and the author names in your posts, it will establish new connections with leaders and ignite new conversation.

You can then tap into new audience groups and potential customers based on engagement such as likes, clicks, shares and comments.

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5. Ignites Long-term Influencer relationships

When you curate content, it connects you with the industry leaders and the subject matter experts. With this your start to build and nurture a long term relationship with your influencers.  

We all know the importance of influencer marketing in social media.

When the content is promoted by influencers, has shown to have 3-10 times higher conversion rate than original content solely promoted by brands themselves.

In some cases, influencer themselves have created content. Since they know their audience well, their content tends to be popular with their fans and followers. When you share such content from influencers there are high chances that the influencers, gets interested in your brand and starts to share it in their social circles.

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Content Curation Tools

Now that we understand the importance of content curation, we can start by sharing engaging and informational content with our audience.

When I share a post that I liked, it does qualify as a curated content. I can increase the shares when I have more time available.

But when you have to do it regularly and consistently on a sustainable scale, then the use of a content curation tool become much higher.

If you are into the serious business of content curation to reach out and engage your audience, then content curation tools can come to your rescue.

Here are 5 content curation tools that can will help you save money, time and effort by recycling the best content available.


Cloohawk identifies the best posts from your followers, influencers and leads which you can retweet. Retweeting the right posts from right people helps you to engage with your audience consistently, thereby growing your network.


Feedly is a content curation tools with features to organize and streamline content. The content is sourced from various RSS feeds, blogs and online sources.

Feedly allows you to view articles on daily basis and you can also bookmark them if you want to read it later. With Feedly you can add filters to make your search more specific.


Trapit can be used to curate content from sources such as blogs, videos and professional journals.

With Trap.it you can get most relevant content, latest and trending content from across 100,000 pre-screened sources.


Pocket is a tool that enables you to collect bookmarks and select options to share. You just have to install the web browser extension and start to bookmark.  

You can easily specify tags and communities for the articles  to make it easier to search them later.


Scoop.it is a tool that will suggest content based on your keywords. You can re-scoop the content when you find it interesting and worth sharing it with your audience.  

You can share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms.


Content curation has established itself as powerful means of gaining authority on social media. It has emerged as a powerful way to share insightful and relevant content to your audience thereby allowing you to brand yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

While content curation can itself be a tedious effort, you don’t have to curate content yourself. Content curation tools have enabled you to eliminate the necessity to comb through various sources in search of quality content. Content can be aggregated in one place and you can choose to disseminate the information as per your requirement.

With tools you can take control of your content, save money and time to keep your audiences engaged.

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