5 Ways To Boost Conversion Rate Using Social Media

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5 Ways To Boost Conversion Rate Using Social Media
Uma Bhat
Wed, 05/29/2019 - 12:55

Social media is an amazing platform to reach out to your prospects who can be converted in to leads and eventually into sales. Social media has turned into a powerhouse and an excellent medium to build leads for your brand by utilizing different social media promotion strategies, eventually leading to higher conversion rate. Most marketers vouch by social media for their success and growth.  

Social accounts are now bringing more traffic than search. Social media has gained prominence for initial awareness or initial contact with a customer. Your customers are on various social media platforms and hence it becomes important for you to establish your presence. Successful businesses turn their followers into customers. Social media is great tool for increasing the conversion rate.

Here are 5 ways to boost conversion rate using social media:

1. Build Product Awareness
Social media can be leveraged for building brand awareness. When people face a problem, they start searching for a solution. But most of the times people do not know which product or service will solve their problems. This is where building brand awareness will help promote your product.

How do people get to know about your product? 

A large section of the audience gets to know your brand through the content that is distributed on social media.

Top 8 social networks drove more than 31% of overall traffic to sites! 

The aim of every business is to increase traffic to their website and boost conversation rate. If you do not have a brand presence on social media, you are missing out on an important opportunity to improve your conversion rate.

2. Use Social Proof
Social media has resulted in the evolution of social proof as a greater force for buying decisions. Social proof has emerged due to the tendency of people to imitate the behavior of people around them or people imitate people who have influence over them.

Happy customers tend to go about praising the products with likes, shares, reviews and comments on social media. Marketers are making social space more transparent by sharing reviews, comments, likes, tweets and pins of their happy customers to generate brand trust and increase conversion rate.

Sharing testimonials, case studies, pictures, comments and videos of happy customers will build greater trust and will work well on your landing, page, consulting page and sign-up page as well.

The power of social proof cannot be undermined when social media has become integral part of buyers and sellers. Social marketers looking to sell their products should have a solid social proof in form of case studies, images, video, pod cast interviews and influencers as part of their selling strategy. All this will eventually increase the conversion rate.

3. Social Listening
Social listening is all about tracking social media conversations relating to brands, certain words and phrases, to discover opportunities to increase conversion rate.

Businesses have realized that social media is not just for broadcasting your brand messages.  If you are looking to increase conversion rate, then you need to reach out to the right people on social media at the right time with the right message, which can be done only if you participate in active social listening.

Social listening gives access to vast amount of audience data and social data. With the help of social listening, brands can carry out campaign analysis, brand analysis, market trends analysis and competitive trend analysis, before setting up the marketing campaigns. Brands can understand what the consumer feedback is and tweak marketing campaigns based on the data. This leads to better conversation rate.

4. Promote Products on Social Media
Social media is an inexpensive platform that gives brands instant reach to billions of active social media users. Your social media audience will like your page on social media when they are interested in your products. Brands should ensure that target audience sees your products, likes them and shares them on social media, which helps to boost reach and finally boost conversion rate.

There are numerous social media groups/forums that are relevant to your niche. You can promote your products on these forums for better reach and conversion rate. When you promote your products on social media groups, it will implicitly bring better results, as members of these forums are already interested in a similar product. Social media communities are a good source for getting quality leads thereby increasing conversion rate for your product.

5. Track and Analyze Social Media Performance
Social media analytics or social media metrics, which is gaining huge importance with brands, is an exercise of monitoring and examining social media performance. Brands are using it extensively to understand each action on social media such as likes, comments, tweets, retweets and of course to measure big social media campaigns. Social media data also offers valuable insights into how your audience interacts with your brand and with your competitors.

With the help of social media analytics, you can gain better information about your potential customers thereby helping you to target customers in a better way.

Brands with a well-defined social media marketing strategy, combined with proper analytics and measurement, will eventually lead to higher conversion rate.

Business and brands who are into social media marketing can bring a lot of difference to their marketing strategies and tactics just by monitoring social media. This further leads to increase in conversion rate.

But it is not possible to manually monitor everything across so many different social media channels due to limitations such as time and accuracy. Social media analytics tools have therefore become an essential component of every social media marketing strategy. Tools such as Cloohawk, Cyfe, Brandwatch, Brand24, Buffer and Sproutsocial are some of the social media analytics tools that helps you to pull data-driven insights from various social media accounts. 


Social media has the potential to attract and engage new customers. Once you perform efficient social media engagement activities, you are inviting more customers to your business. Social media is playing a great role in capturing more leads and thereby increase conversion rate.

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