5 Tips to Get More People To Share Your Content on Social Media

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5 Tips to Get More People To Share Your Content on Social Media
Uma Bhat
Tue, 07/10/2018 - 17:44

So you have got great content, you publish and post many articles on social media.  But why are people not sharing it?

Many times you might have seen a very average type of content being highly liked and shared on social media. Do you wonder how this happens when you are failing to get this kind of attention even after having very good content?

When your audience shares your content with their network, your content gets wings and flies much higher on the social media platforms.

But are you doing enough to make it interesting and easy for your audience to easily share your content?

Having great content is a backbone of social media marketing, but that’s not enough. You need to have people who can share your content further on social media.

Here are 5 Tips to Get More People To Share Your Content on Social Media

Content That Gives Great Value
The popularity of your content depends on its quality which triggers clickability and sharability. When your articles are great with informative content, excellent info graphics and impressive images you can notice that your social media audience will click and share far more than other articles.

A headline plays a pivotal role for your content. A strong headline or a clear message becomes the key to grabbing people’s attention. Make sure you work on few variations of the headlines and try pushing the same content with different headlines.
Visuals like images, pictures and videos add high amount of credibility. Your audience is more likely to trust the content in your article when accompanied by a graphic.

As with all of us, we get bored very soon if the content gets repetitive. Ensure to bring variations in the type of content that you publish. Try changing the style of images and your messages constantly. Also keep changing the visual to add variety such as gif and a video rather than adding an images always. The important thing to note is that you should constantly read the mind of your audience and alter your content to suit their requirements.

Also most important to mind is to keep your self-promotional content to the bare minimum. Follow the 80-20 rule where

80% of your content should revolve around the informative topics and discussions around your brand and industry.

Only 20% of the content should be directly promotional talking about your products and services.
Add Social Media Sharing Buttons
You did create content so that it can be shared right?

Social media has flourished hundred folds today just because of the desire of people to share more. But what’s the use of content that cannot be easily shared? It puts off people and stops them from sharing it further even when they really liked the content.

Content from your blogs, websites and social media can be easily shared across platforms with the help of plugins. It makes the sharing very easy just with the click of a mouse. The social media sharing buttons should be built to be highly visible around the content that you wish to publish.

Plugins tools such as click to tweet, highlight and share, Addthis, ImageHover Lite, etc. are very useful to highlight a piece of content or image that you can easily share it on social media.

You have great visual content and the right content. BUT if it is not user friendly to share, it is less likely to be shared by your audience.

Don’t let your content go unnoticed. Drive more shares using social media tools.
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Get the ball rolling by sharing other’s content
Have you heard of this, ‘You often have to give in order to receive?’

When you wish to share your content and increase the chances of its readability and click ability, then one of the best tips is to get the ball by starting off as a sharer yourself.

When you start sharing interesting and relevant content that belongs to others on social media, you’ll attract their attention. This will increase the probability that they’ll also respond to your content in the future.

When you have shared many of their posts on social media, you can easily reach out to them and request them to share your content as well. Give a brief on how relevant your content and its message is for their followers and how it can increase the value of their brand.
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Roll out contests to pump up your social media shares
We all like free gifts, don’t we? Embrace the giveaway format to encourage more shares.

Social media contests are incredibly powerful for your brand to leverage social media sharing.

When the reader gets to read informative content plus a reward for further sharing it on social media, it will enhance the chances of your audience sharing it. The gifts could be as simple as an e-book, discounts, coupons or cash vouchers.

A contest with giveaways can be a great way to pump up your social media shares.  Offer incentives to your audience who are willing to share, retweet, like and follow your social media page.

You can also create a contest where your audience can enter the contest only when they share your content on social media.
Add the Influencer Effect
When you wish to take advantage of the large audiences that already exist on social media, consider taking help from social media influencers in your industry to share your content across various social media networks.

When brands tie up with influencers and famous personalities on social media, they are able to witness some extra sharing than through normal methods.

Since most influencers are active on social media and have a huge fan following, the content shared by the influencers and celebrities carry more weightage and will be trusted to be great, thereby increasing the readability and share ability.

It becomes very important for you to start building the relationship with influencers in your industry.

As per an experiment, even minimal contact on social media with an influencer created a 63% positive response to a sharing request when compared to 18% for folks he had never contacted.

When you are taking about social media marketing, sharing content is the name of the game.

There is actually no meaning to your content when it is not read by your audience. Hence brands are going beyond their norm to improve the exposure to the content. 

If you are worried about your content not getting enough shares on social media, then, it’s important for you to understand the above 5 Tips to Get More People To Share Your Content on Social Media.

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