5 Tips to Attract and Engage Customers on Social Media

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5 Tips to Attract and Engage Customers on Social Media
Uma Bhat
Mon, 07/02/2018 - 13:54

Effective social media marketing is a boon to business irrespective whether its big or small, new startups or established brands.

In today’s competitive world, social media marketing has become an indispensable medium to create brand awareness and attract more customers. 

When you want to launch a new product or market your existing products/services, it becomes essential to build relationship with your potential customers by engaging with them on social media.

Engaging, conversing and contacting customers using social media has excellent payoffs.

But, where do you start? How can you effectively attract customers through social media?

Here are five tips to attract and engage customers on social media.

1. Create and Share Informative and Educational Content

Your potential customers are audience on social media who are looking out for authentic content relating to their pain areas. The content that you publish and share should be able to achieve a kind of connect with the audience.

Provide step by step instructions, how to do videos, product demos that can talk about  major issues that plague your industry. Such educational and informative content adds enormous value to your readers. Great content should always aim at adding value.

Educational content helps to position your brand as an authority. They start to look at you as a source of free, reliable and useful knowledge. When you focus on teaching and not selling, you gain trust.

A great example of a education content is from Hootsuite. It showed its customers How to Run Your First Facebook Live.

Hootsuite is great at understanding its target audience and hence have created educational and informative content. With just the informative content, they are letting their videos and other educational content drive traffic to their website.

2. Start Conversations on Social Media

Though you have great educational and informative content, you cannot just sit back and wait for your audience to come up to you to spark a conversation. You need to find several ways in which you can proactively initiate a conversation with your audience on social media.

Find out where is your target audience spending time on the social media. Start involving yourself in those communities by leaving valuable comments and contributions. On platforms, such as Twitter, you can conduct hashtag and keyword searches to find relevant content. Ensure to spend some time answering the questions relating to your industry and to participate in chats relevant to your business.

For example, Product Launch Formula author Jeff Walker starts his product launch by asking his audience one simple question such as

“What’s your single biggest challenge around [X]?
Asking questions is by far one of the best ways to attract more customers on social media. Asking questions will encourage your audience to go into varying levels of thoughtfulness which will trigger thoughtful and dedicated comments for your content.

3. Practice Social Listening/Social media monitoring

Social listening to your audience is just as important as conversing with them on social media.

Study has found that about 30,000 online searches have started with  questions such as ‘Where can I buy?’.  But unfortunately 60% never got a response since the brands are not monitoring the social media audience.

Make a comprehensive list of keywords, hashtags and phrases that are relevant to your brand and business. Ensure to add all aspects such as your brand mentions, brand name, misspellings of your brand name, your product names, your industry and any other relevant keywords to your monitoring list.

You can conduct social listening manually but can be very overwhelming considering that there are millions of posts every single day.

There are excellent social media management tools such as Cloohawk, that can help you to track social media conversations. Develop a schedule for regular observation and participation with your audience.
Listening to your audience will help your social media campaign to turn reactive and interactive by converting communication into conversations.

4. Be Visible and Available on Social Media

The higher your online visibility, greater are the chances for your audience to look out for your products and services.

In simple terms, online visibility refers to the easiness with which consumers can find your company and its products in online locations.

An effective online visibility campaign enhances your chances of being well known to your audience. This awareness will happen when the customer comes in look out for you, rather than you looking out for customers. So ensure that your profile is easily visible to the potential customers.

Amazon is a great example on online visibility. It has attracted insane amount of customers due to its online visibility.

Just being visible but not being available when audience approaches you, is of no use. Audience is expecting you to be available on social media at the time when they need you. And when you are not responding or not available for their queries, you are going to hurt your bottom line.

Research has shown that customers who receive a response to their queries are willing to spend more with that brand for a later purchase, and the response has to be within the first 60 minutes!!

5. Encourage Social Recommendations / Social Proof

Most of the people rely on social proof from people who have been there before us.

According to a 2016 national Nielsen's Harris poll, 80% of Americans look for recommendations before buying a product.

Social media has converted social proof as a greater force for buying decisions. Social media marketers are using the social media increasingly to share reviews, comments, likes, tweets and pins of their happy customers. This generates brand trust and drives huge sales.

Make sure to embed social recommendations on your website and social pages. Encourage your satisfied customers to write personal recommendations and referrals. You should set up review and rating screen on your website so that customers can rate your products.

Publish testimonials on your social media pages. Add real pictures, videos, and facts from happy customers to build trust around your products or services.




Social media marketing has the potential to attract and engage current and new customers. Once you perform highly efficient social engagement activities, you are inviting more customers to your business.

Capture more leads and higher number of visitors will sign up as valuable customers.

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