5 Time Savings Tools for Social Media Managers

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5 Time Savings Tools for Social Media Managers
Uma Bhat
Mon, 05/07/2018 - 14:57

Are you working on a new advertising campaign, are you browsing through content to find the most trending on social media while having your morning coffee, are you responding to your audience on social media, and suddenly remember that you also have to schedule content to be posted to various social media?

Then you are surely a social media manager who is time starved with multiple hats to wear while managing your social media activities.

Every social media manager faces the challenge of identifying the activities which needs more time and some other activities where time can be saved.

When you are hoping to do it all with minimum efforts and yet achieve great results, it is smart and intelligent to resort to social media management tools that help you to save considerable amount of your time.

Social media management tools make social media activities easier thereby saving time and efforts of a social media manager.

With numerous social networks, many targets to achieve, and with so little time to execute, the only best choice for social media managers is to start using the social media management tools. 

Social media management tools can be used for a variety of tasks: 

Curate content

Respond to audience

Schedule and post your content

Create images to post

Check your performance metrics.

Here are 5 time saving tools for social media marketers:


Cloohawk is a suite of social media growth strategies that offers powerful automation to save your time on social media management.

Cloohawk will take care of your task of identifying content that is making a buzz on social media.

The trending content offered by Cloohawk reduces your search time in finding content that is mostly liked by your audience.

Cloohawk will identify your evergreen content and repost it automatically at the best time thereby saving a lot of your time and efforts. It can also identify interesting content shared by your influencers which can be retweeted with your audience thereby getting maximum engagement.

Cloohawk also identifies influencers and followers in your industry who matter the most for your brand. Cloohawk suggests numerous social media tasks based on which you can define your social media strategy.


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Amidst the great amount of noise on social media, social listening and brand monitoring is getting tougher by the day.  Social media managers are spending a great deal of time and effort to listen and engage with audience.

Socialert is a social media management tool that comes as a rescue when you are struggling with social media management. This tool makes the social media listening effortless.

Socialert allows you to track hashtags and keywords that relate to your brand. With the help of these hashtags you can simply listen to the conversations relating to your brand and your industry. 

This tool will also save a lot of your  analysis time by providing  useful analytics. The analytics filters out the results based on important factors such as interests, location, time, audience sentiment, and much more. You can further analyze the reports by exporting it in a CSV format.


A social media manager often spends most of his time finding content that can excite his audience. Content curation involves browsing multiple sources where you can find relevant content that can be shared with your audience.

But with millions of content sources including news pages, social media networks, e-books, blog, technology articles, and much more it could become an impossible task for a social media manager to even just browse through content that can be useful for his audience. Here Feedly comes to rescue.

Feedly is a content curation tool that helps you to keep on top of the trending content.

Feedly consolidates all the RSS feeds of your choice into one single feed which you can browse in one single window. It offers application of filters on topics, publication and dates which will further allow you to narrow down your search for the content that you are looking for.


An important aspect of social media management is to observe closely the behavior of your social media activities. A social media manager has to capture analytics or data from various social media platforms.

Social media analytics gives a huge amount of insights into the social media activities which will help a social media manager to measure performance of all his social media goals.

Talkwalker is a social media management tool that consolidates a great amount of a data relating to your social media activities such as brand mentions, influencers posts, new followers, your top performing posts and your worst posts, competitor posts, and more.

Talwalker will pull data from your multiple social media accounts into one place thereby avoiding  huge effort of a social media manager of logging in to several social media platforms to analyze social media activities.

Talkwalker offers analytics on your key metrics such as new followers, advertisement campaigns, brand mentions and competitors strategies.


Sproutsocial is a social media management tool that has the ability to increase your audience engagement and reach.

Sproutsocial saves time and brings efficiency to your business. Sproutsocial manages your social media posts across various platforms from one single calendar. It offers features of customer support and audience engagement.

A single unified social inbox will allow you to monitor and engage with your audience and respond to all the messages from a single window. Socialsprout allow you to set up location, keywords and hashtags in the Smart Inbox.

Sproutsocial is also a very useful tool for pulling analytics. You can easily track social media performance using the analytics.

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All brands now are aware that social media is a powerful medium that will create direct line of communication between the company and its customers. Hence a lot more work is being managed by a social media manager than ever before.

Thought Social media has become a necessity, it is no doubt that it is time a consuming activity for social media marketers.

The good news is that with the advancement of social media the social media management tools also have advanced offering time saving techniques to a large extent.

Social media management tools have become a time saving tools for social media managers. These tools are used to carry out varied tasks such as create content, share content, schedule content, engage with audience, and much more.  The trick is to find the right tools that will help you to cut some work and save time.

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