5 Super Useful Tips to Build 10,000 Twitter followers

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5 Super Useful Tips to Build 10,000 Twitter followers
Mon, 10/30/2017 - 14:09

What’s the feeling when you are in the middle of a crowd but no one is noticing you? 

This is exactly the way you feel on twitter when you don’t have right followers.

Twitter has 328 million active users with more than 500 million tweets in a single day. 

More than 70% of businesses admit to using twitter as a marketing platform for their products. 

The statistics prove Twitter is one of the largest visited platforms and is surely growing bigger by the day. This makes it more important for your business to build a twitter following. Why are you leaving yourself behind?

Do you think just having followers will do the trick?  

Imagine you are in the food industry and want to gain engagement from your followers. But most of your followers are interested in luxury cars!! Isn’t it a mismatch?

Building right followers who can understand and engage with your product or service is the key to build your twitter followers. 

Targeted and engaged followers will be your potential buyers.

So let’s talk about how to increase, not just followers, but engaged and targeted followers on twitter. 

Here, I will share 5 highly impressive methods of growing targeted twitter followers.

#1 Find Your Right Audience

For any business, first step is to find your audience. Without knowing to whom you want to sell, it is as good as shooting in the dark.

Do you want to build your business on luck?

First, analyse your product and list down people who would like your product or who would use your services. Example, if your product is women’s apparel, you should target women groups, apparel resale groups and fashion influencers.

But doing it manually is quite an impossible task. Tools such as Buzzsumo and Twitter Analytics can be of help to find the right audience.

On Buzzsumo, you can search for a list of influencers relating to your product.

Twitter advanced analytics also is a helpful tool to find your audience.
These tools help you to locate your target audience. Look for people who are active and who relate to your niche. 

Check their followers, their hashtags and their tweets.

Now that you have made a good start by finding the right audience, it’s important to create lists related to your business so that they can be used for reference.

#2 Build and Leverage Twitter Lists

When you have the list of people related to your business, it’s easy to engage with them so that eventually you create interest for them to follow you.

You can create different lists based on purpose, such as influencer's list, contest list, campaign list, etc. This helps to reach the right set of people based on the purpose.

On your twitter page, there is a simple option that allows you to build lists.

On your profile drop down, select the ‘Lists’.

Click on create a new list

Name the list appropriately based on the purpose for which it is created. A name that auto suggests the purpose will attract more followers.

Add a good description explaining a bit further into the purpose of the list.

Choose the privacy option either public or private. Click on save List

Now start searching for the people that you wish to add to your list
Click on the drop down on the user profile, and you can add or remove the user to your list
Choose the list to which it has to be added. The user will get added to your list.
The user will get a notification that they have been added to a list. This might interest the user to check out your list and your profile page, and even follow you in many instances.

The lists will be of great use when you have to target different set of people with content relevant to them.

Engage the audience in each of the lists by providing informative content, and over a period of time, they will start following you.

#3 Follow First to be Followed

Study has shown that there is a direct correlation between followers and being followed by.

Follow people on twitter if you want to be followed.

Take the first step and start to follow your target audience. Know their interests, retweet their tweets, engage with them by asking questions and participate in their conversations. Once they notice you, they will follow you.

The biggest hurdle is that there is not enough time to manually find whom to follow. In an age of tools and automation, there are numerous tools that help to manage growth of twitter followers.

Crowdfire is one such tool that helps to grow twitter account. It is widely used to find followers who care about content that is similar to your content.

You need to create a Crowdfire account on www.crowdfireapp.com 

Sign in with your twitter account and authorize Crowdfire to access your account.

Copy followers feature is a wonderful feature that allows you to copy engaged and active followers of any account that is relevant to you. Generally this feature is used to copy competitor followers. You can also copy followers of accounts that are similar to yours to get the right audience.

To activate this feature you should just enter the username of the account that you wish to copy followers and press enter. A list of their followers will appear, you can then follow the users.
#4 Value Your Hashtags

Twitter pioneered the hashtag. We all know that most of the social media uses hashtags, but where else can you see its value more than on Twitter?

Hashtags is a great tool to find relevant and like-minded communities. It will help you gain more followers by allowing yourself to be found on twitter.

There are few sites such as Hashtagify and RiteTag where you can find statistics relating to the most engaging tweets.
It is easy to find a #hashtag related to your business by just entering a keyword. But the key is not to overdo it.

If you use more than 2 hashtags, the engagement drops by 17% as per research.

Best hashtags gets more attention from vast majority of twitter users, who eventually will look up your profile and start following you.

#5 Engage With Audience

Out of sight is out of mind definitely applies to twitter. 

It’s not enough to create attractive profile and Bio. Regular engagement with people on twitter will ensure slow and steady gain in followers.

Engagement can be done in many different ways.

Run a Contest. Contests are one of the most engaging content on twitter. It has proved to increase leads by 500%.

Create contests relating to your brand and include brand images, in this way new followers will notice and will start following you.
Tweet Often. Tweets that are informative and shares knowledge get more attention. Identify the content that is eye grabbing and share it with your followers who will be inclined to share to their network thereby adding more chances of getting more followers. 

Videos and Images. It’s a known fact that video content and pictures have the ability to increase engagement by 150%.
Upload pictures which are witty and informative. This has more chances of getting re-tweeted. More retweets will bring in higher followers. 

Tag influential usernames to the image thereby attracting attention of other users and increasing the chance of retweets.


It’s always very tough and time consuming to hit the target with just one dart. 

You need to experiment different ways and find the best combination that suits you.

No doubt it is difficult to get people to follow you, your friends and family might join you right away. But your goal is to get relevant and active twitter users who eventually will become buyers.

Identifying the right people will be the first and the most important stage of building followers. Once you know the list of people, then it’s about using different tools to build lists, hashtags and engagement. Tools such as Cloohawk will enable you to engage with your social media audience.

Though it cannot happen overnight, your consistent and engaged efforts will see your followers grow to your desired level.

There seems to be many different methods of grow twitter followers. What are your best tactics that helped you to grow followers?

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