5 Social Media Mistakes That Social Media Managers Should Not Overlook

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5 Social Media Mistakes That Social Media Managers Should Not Overlook
Uma Bhat
Tue, 08/21/2018 - 11:39

Social media marketers are trying to establish brand image and are taking all possible measures to ensure a good first impression on social media. When you are doing something wrong, it’s an opportunity lost and might even mean that your competitors race ahead in the completion. And believe me, repairing the online mistakes is not an easy task!!

Though social media marketing is a powerful tool for brand awareness, it can be a disaster if something goes wrong.  

The best way to avoid these disasters is to be aware of the 5 common mistakes that you can’t afford to commit on social media.

1. Not Choosing The Right Social Media Platform

Social media is vast and every single platform on social media has its own unique features. Not all social media platforms are suitable for every kind of business.

Every social media platform has its own audience, language, culture, and content. It is important to identify the differences between each platform for your efforts to be effective.  Narrow down on few platforms that are suitable based on the demographics of the social platforms.  

But how do you choose the perfect platforms that are suitable for your business?
Here are 3 steps to choosing the right social media platform for your brand:

Step 1: Define Social media goals

Every business ventures into social media with a strong goal in mind. Business might want social media presence to increase its brand awareness, to engage with their audience, to increase customer service or to increase sales. Shortlist the social media goals so that it can help in finalizing the right social media platforms for your business.

Step 2: Define your audience

Audience is the base on which the social media platforms are built. It is important to first list down the features of your typical customer.

Answer some of the questions relating to your audience:

What is the age group of your customers?

What are their buying habits?

In which location is your customers mostly residing?

Is your product catering to men, women, kids, elderly?

What is the income group of your target audience?

When you have answered to be above questions, your buyer persona is ready.  Your potential customer will have these features.  Now it becomes easy to search for this kind of customer

Step 3: Find your audience

You are clear about your social media goals and also know the kind of people who are your potential customers, now it’s time to search them on social media platforms.

Research on different platforms that your target audience might be using. You can also study the demographics of each social platform. For example, if you are looking out for creative ladies who are interested in art, then Pinterest is the place to go.

2. Not Targeting The Right Audience

You might be over excited and trying to please everyone on social media. This is the biggest mistake that a social media marketer might be doing in social media marketing.  Don’t try to market to a large section of audience on social media, rather try by defining your target audience.

Know your target audience and their motivation, this helps to tailor your social media marketing efforts to meet their needs.

Social media management tools help you to find customers based on interests, geographic distribution, gender, age ranges, purchasing power and habits, behavior and many other insights.

The more specific and targeted you are, better are your chances of finding the right audience.

Social media tools such as Cloohawk, QuickSprout, AgoraPulse, and Audiense helps you to find out the interests of your audience. You can extract data relating to your audience demographics that includes age, location, gender, behavior, device used, interests, language and much more.

For example Cloohawk is an intelligent social media management tool that can locate your target audience. It looks for people who are active and who relate to your niche. The list of people is derived from Twitter based on their profile, their areas of interests and their recent activities. You can generate a list of potential audience who are taking about your interest.

Targeting the right audience is an ongoing process and has to be constantly re-evaluated in order to stay close and up-to-date with the audience with whom you want to connect.
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3. Not Engaging With Your Audience on Social Media     

Engagement is the most popular word used in social media marketing. It’s a way to see how the interactions can be increased on social media.

Engagement is the most essential in social media and helps you to know your customers, their likes and their preferences. Your products get feedback in the form of tweets and responses that help you to improve and serve your customers better.

But if you are on social media and not engaging with your audience, then it’s the biggest mistake of your social media marketing.

Engagement with audience is an attempt to know their interests. Engaging with them on continuous basis, providing information and building connect with users will take your brand’s presence to great heights.

Reach out to your users by showing interest in the content that they post. Invest your time to pay attention to your users, make them feel important and cared for. It will surely get the users to be more interested towards your brands and posts. Engage with followers when they are most active.

Tools such as Manage Flitter, is a free tool that can make your social media engagement much smarter. It’s powerpost feature enables you to easily schedule your posts to gain maximum visibility. It can also search through 300 million twitter accounts and suggest relevant accounts for you based on their interest, location, gender and age.

4. Excessive Content Clogging

Imagine your audience is browsing social media and then you see multiple posts from your brand. The content flows non-stop and starts to annoy your audience.

Just because you have written a lot of content and have also identified curated content, don’t dump all the content to your feed. This will only leave your audience frustrated and finally will unfollow your brand.

Don’t clog your feed with same type of content all the time. Time and again it’s been proven that your social media audience is craving for unique, informative, thoughtful and actionable content.

Your content should have visuals, information, guidelines, customer experiences, customer testimonials, interviews, and much more that can evoke reaction from your audience.

But its easy said than done. When a social media manager wants to have variety of content at different times of the day for different social media platforms, it can be a energy draining effort.
Here, content management tools such as Ahrefs, Hootsuite and Buffer come handy. You can shortlist the content that you want to post on different platforms and different time so that you do not bore your audience with back to back same content. It helps you to space each post giving enough time between two posts. It also gives you the option to post at the most relevant time based on audience engagement.

In this way, your content flow effortlessly into different social media platforms without clogging the feed of your audience.

5. Not Engaging Social Media Management Tools

Social media management has evolved as a complex and multi-faceted role that assists the company to meet its highest marketing goals.

Social media marketing is an evolving process that includes defining strategies, creating content, posting and scheduling content, monitoring the brand mentions and much more. These activities are not one-time tasks or tasks that can be done on random basis. It needs dedicated and daily efforts from a social media manager.

The best way to overcome the hurdle of limited time is to seek automation for some of the processes that are repetitive and manual in nature. The key for social media marketing is to find automation tools that will cater to the ever changing needs of social media.

Social media marketers are finding new ways to be smarter about everything they do about social media management. Now social media marketers have option to choose from variety of social media management tools that help streamline social media activities. The tools will help you to keep pace with the latest social media trends.

There are automation tools that offer countless features and automated workflows that will make social media marketing less of a headache. This will allow your precious time to be diverted to the more important tasks that will bring in higher revenues to your business.
Some of the social media management tools that helps you to overcome the hurdle of time and effort are Cloohawk, MeetEdgar, Klear and Socialert.


Any mistake on social media can turn out to be very damaging for your brand. But there is no reason for you to fret when you know the common mistakes and the way to fix them. To ensure that your social media marketing efforts see success, steer clear of the above mentioned mistakes of social media marketing.

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