5 Simple Yet Powerful Strategies of Targeting Followers on Twitter

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5 Simple Yet Powerful Strategies of Targeting Followers on Twitter
Uma Bhat
Wed, 02/28/2018 - 11:01

Brands go behind the right followers even if it means a lot of effort, since they know the importance of having the right followers.

Michael Hyatt, Founder and CEO, says that “You need to develop a tribe of loyal followers and super fans who want to hear what you have to say”

When you actually understand the benefits of targeting followers on Twitter, you just cannot afford to miss it. Your targeted followers are the ones who are interested in similar information and content that you are tweeting. This means there are higher chances of your targeted followers to read, like, share and retweet your posts. Your untargeted followers are not interested in your content and might get annoyed with you posts and eventually unfollow you.

When you start a conversation on Twitter, the response and replies comes from connected audience. They have information to share or ask questions since they are interested to know. Targeted audience lead your tweets further into an engaged connection with the brand.

Targeted followers are interested in your brand and make enquiries. They also share it with their circles and act as influencer for your brand. Targeted customers have higher chances of bringing new customers which will convert into a sale.

Here are 5 ways of targeting followers on Twitter

Advanced Search Targeting

This method of targeting followers on Twitter ensures that you are reaching out to only those people who are interested in your brand. It offers you to connect to people based on their interest, their location, their gender, their followers, competitors, industry, influencers and much more.  

For example if you are dealing with a product relating to women and specifically in the United States, you can search for your followers with these two criteria and target your communication to this specific group of people for better engagement.

Twitter List Targeting

Twitter list is an excellent way to communicate with followers who are in your target list. It is a list of curated group of Twitter accounts.

These are strategically designed lists that cater to a tailored audience. You can create a list for your business based on your requirement or you can also join a list that has already been created by others.

For example, you might create a private list of influential Twitter users you’d like to target as part of your broader marketing strategy, or create a huge private list of users you think would be interested in following you for targeting purposes. These carefully crafted lists can then be used as part of a Twitter Ads campaign to appeal to a tailored audience, or be an way of

This list helps you to keep track of your target followers with whom you can communicate and establish connection.

Direct Message Targeting

Direct Messages are the individual private messages sent on Twitter.

You can use Direct Messaging as a method to strengthen the bond with the current Twitter followers by having conversations relating to their Tweets and any other content. You can create personalized messages to your selected audience on Twitter and handle this group and their tweets carefully with added attention.

This method of direct message targeting allows businesses to bring the human element into private conversations and more so eliminate the doubt of a bot being used for communication.

Direct message targeting is very useful when you have product launch, when you are running a contest, brand awareness messages and to keep your followers informed of any events relating to your brand.

Target Competitors Followers

Targeting the followers of your competitors has numerous benefits.

When you follow your competitor’s followers, you can keep track of their tweets about your competition.

You can view their comments relating to your competitors product and question or feedback if they are upset. You should target such followers and quickly answer the question with your own product or service. This will get you in front of unhappy customers of your competitors and increase the chances of generating more customers.

If there is a competitor either small or big, you can go through their followers either manually or by using tools. You can then add them to your target list. The followers can be used for your promoted twitter campaigns.

By responding to competitors followers, you can win over their customers and eventually gain the followers who have been following your competition.

Cloohawk is a social media management tool that offers various methods of analysing your competitors. It will list down the customers who are unhappy with your competitor. This gives you an opportunity to engage with them and convert them into your leads.

Target Industry Influencers

Influencer marketing is similar to the word of mouth marketing on the social media.

Influencers are experts in their field and are trusted by their followers. Their recommendation gives higher value for a product and service.  

Targeting followers on Twitter with the help of industry influencers will help you to get your message across to your potential customers. Having the industry influencers mention your brand is important for brand awareness which will elevate your brand value on Twitter.

Tapping into a high profile industry influencer will help to broadcast your brand message to a vast list of followers on Twitter.  

Cloohawk is a tool that will assist you in finding the right influencers in your industry. It offers methods to identify powerful influencers in your industry who can boost your business.

Cloohawk identifies and helps you engage with influencers who are your followers. A Cloohawk user also gets 3000+ leads per month including influencers and micro influencers.


Targeting the right followers is very important for your ROI.

It’s important to ensure that your brand is heard and reached appropriate audience. Once you start targeting the right followers you will realise that it is a worthwhile investment. You will notice higher engagement level with your followers since they are more interested about the topic that you post. Tools such as Cloohawk will help you to improve your efforts at targeting your followers.

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