4 SEO Benefits of Having Strong Social Media Presence for Businesses

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4 SEO Benefits of Having Strong Social Media Presence for Businesses
Uma Bhat
Wed, 01/23/2019 - 16:53

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about creating content which satisfies the search intent of people, and more often it is referred to as a marathon and not a sprint. 

SEO is aimed at increasing site visibility by using organic methods.

In recent times, it’s getting harder to maintain and grow business reputation, particularly in an age of digital marketing.  It becomes more and more important for brands to gain and sustain site visibility just by using organic search. SEO strategies that are genuine and trust worthy will add goodwill to your brand and ultimately add greater value and longevity to your website.

Social media has come to the rescue of businesses that intend to boost website’s organic traffic. But the catch is that social media does not directly help better SEO ranking. The great content that you share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will help may you to get more exposure, but Google does not recognize them as a ranking signal. But if you look into it deeper, there is a significant role to play in the page ranking.

Definitely there is a correlation between your website’s position in the search engine results pages (SERP) and the social media.  

A strong social media presence offers indirect SEO benefits to business that cannot be ignored.

Here are 4 SEO Benefits of Having Strong Social Media Presence for Businesses:

1. High-Quality Backlinks

Research has shown that higher the backlinks a page has, greater are the chances of a higher rank on Google. 

Backlink is one the strongest indicator for Google to rank a website on first page. 

Over past years Google has built intelligent algorithms that can weed out the bad links.  But more links still results in a higher score, with a difference that they should originate from diverse and authoritative domains.

Derek Miller SEO Manager at CopyPress says, “When it comes to building backlinks, the best tip I can offer is creating a link-worthy resource on your site”

Follow two simple steps to link building:

First create high-quality content and promote it
Take the help of testimonials, guest blogging, social media, forums and mutual partnerships to gain backlinks
Trick is to post engaging content on all your social media pages with links back to your website content. Many social media users such as content writers, bloggers and journalists will read and share your content, as well as create content links back to your website.

More the backlinks pour in, higher will be your Google rankings.

With backlink checker tools such as Ahrefs, you can easily monitor backlinks for a particular domain.

2. Search engine results page (SERP)

Having a social media profile means that your social media pages will emerge in search engine results page (SERP).

For example, when you search for Cloohawk, the top searches will be the company’s website and its social media pages. With this, instead of just occupying just one spot, you will be able to take up at least 4-5 spots based on the social profiles that you have.
But the trick is how to understand HOW social media influences SERP.

Search engines work based on relevance which fetches all relevant results based on the words that the users are searching. When businesses incorporate social Media into their marketing plan, it will help to get noticed by showing up organically in the SERPs thereby increasing the traffic to your website.

Follow 3 simple steps to building social media profiles:

Create attractive and relevant social media profiles on all leading social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Create interest and gain attention by regularly posting thereby gaining a position of an expert
Add the social media buttons to your website, email signatures, and blog posts to give additional backlinks
Social media should be integrated into your marketing strategy and the focus should be on creating and sharing quality content to attain number one Google ranking.

Using Cloohawk to create and share quality content on social media can help you to move up the search rank on Google.

3. Target an Engaged Audience

When you are planning to build high value content that can generate interest from your audience to move up the SEO ranking, knowing your audience is the first and the only thing that you should care about.

You need dedicated efforts and a methodical approach to find the right audience who will be interested in your products and services.

Ask yourself some key questions such as who is the user of your product? Which age group is more likely to use your product? Who are they following on social media? Who is their hero on social media? When are they most active on social media?

Without answering these questions, you are unlikely to find the right audience, thereby failing in your attempt to attract more users to your website.

Social media management tools help you to find customers based on interests, geographic distribution, gender, age ranges, purchasing power and habits, behavior and many other insights.

QuickSprout is a social media management tool to help marketers to identify the target audience. This tool can be used to conduct research on various factors thereby coming up with a customer persona.
4. Increased Brand Awareness 

Top 8 social networks drove more than 31% of overall traffic to sites! What does this indicate?

If you already don’t have a brand presence on social media, you are missing out on an important opportunity to improve your SEO.

The aim of every business is to increase traffic to their website and improve user engagement. But have you wondered how will it be possible if your potential customers are not able to find you easily on the internet? Social media comes to rescue in such a situation.

Creating social media brand pages on various social media platforms will help you to first dominate the search result page naturally by diverting the people who find you on social media. Your first step towards harnessing the power of social media is to build a strong brand presence on your social media channels.

The content and posts that you share on your social media brand pages will help to gain more search engine visibility thereby gaining more brand exposure.
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As we all know, Google insists on quality links and content and not the quantity of shares and links. Social media and SEO have become interlinked due to their organic driven strategy which is dependent on fresh content that appeals to the users. This article outlines how social media matters a lot for SEO explaining how the strategies work in real time to improve the search rankings.

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