10 Daily Routines of a Successful Social Media Manager

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10 Daily Routines of a Successful Social Media Manager
Uma Bhat
Thu, 07/05/2018 - 10:15

When I was chatting with my friend, I happened to talk about social media managers. Immediately my friend commented that it would be fun to be a social media manager because, all that a social media manager has to do it browse social media all day!!

Many social media managers wish it was true.

But the reality is far from just browsing the social media. A social media manager is constantly thinking of social media even when not on the clock. Social media manager has to think way ahead and multi-task numerous tasks through the day.

Social media management has evolved as a complex and multi-faceted role that assists the company to meet its highest goals.

Social media manager’s job is not just about posting content on to their business pages on social media. There are a host of daily activities that have to be performed to become a successful social media manager.

Here are 10 Daily Routine tasks performed by a successful social media manager:

Identify and list down the most important tasks for the day
Every social media manager has many tasks to accomplish every single day. So first and foremost, it’s important to list down the important tasks that have to be completed in the day. These are the tasks that cannot be pushed to another day.

This list will help you to know exactly what to do next when you are pulled in various directions.

Stay on top of Daily trends
A social media manager should monitor trends in real time. With social media being so fast, a trend few minutes ago might not be a trend anymore. Hence it is important to constantly check the trending hashtags, articles, keywords, etc. throughout the day.

Social media manager should be able to identify consumer behaviors, their habits, and their online activities to analyze their impact on the brand’s products. Such trend analysis gives insight to develop content strategy and marketing strategy.

Social media management tools such as Cloohawk gives you a list of pre-viral trending stories for the day based on the areas of interest of your audience.

Content Creation
Content is at the heart of social media marketing. It is every social media manager’s role to create content that keeps your audience reading, engaging, and interacting with your brand.

Social media manager should have a content plan that includes blogs, videos, infographics, gifs and many varied content to keep your audience glued and looking out for more from your brand.

A social media manager should have a daily routine of creating educational and informative content for its readers. The content should be based on the trends that are ruling the social media so as to attract and engage the audience.

Content Curation
Social media managers cannot stress enough on sharing informative and engaging content to attract and retain social media audience. This drives social media managers to constantly look out for quality content.

No doubt content creation is the best. But it is important to recognize that originally created quality content alone is not sufficient to meet your social media audience.

While every marketer would love to create and share original content, getting fresh ideas for creating content for your blog, social media posts and e-books can seem challenging.

Hence content curation becomes an essential daily task for every social media manager.

Schedule Content
A social media manager knows the importance of sharing informative content at a time when the audience is most active. Moreover sharing content consistently is the secret of a powerful social media presence. Hence scheduling content remains as one of the most important daily task for a social media manager.

Social media managers strive hard to keep high engagement with audience by regular tweets and posts. Your audience is there on social media at different hours of the day and expects you to post useful and informative content round the clock, which makes it important for a marketer to schedule content more often and more consistently.

With automation in social media marketing, there are numerous tools such as ManageFlitter, that gives the marketer an opportunity to schedule posts daily so that it reaches the audience even when you are not around.
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Reach out to New Followers
A social media manager strives hard to increase, not just followers, but engaged and targeted followers.

For any business, the important step is to find new audience every single day irrespective of the number of followers that are already available.

A social media manager should analyze the social media and identify people who are truly interested in your product and services.  Create different lists based on purpose, such as influencer's list, contest list, campaign list, etc. With this list, a social media manager can reach out to the right set of people based on the purpose.

But doing it manually every day is not just a humungous task but also a time consuming task. Hence a social media manager can pick from numerous tools such as Tweetreach and Followerwonk to identify people with interest around a specific topic.

Engage and Interact with Audience
One of the things that is most dreadful for a social media manager is when there is no interaction and engagement with the audience. Engagement with audience should be on the top of the list of all the tasks that a social media manager performs.

Engaging with customers on social media helps you to know your customers, their likes and preferences. A social media manger should review the product feedback that is posted in the form of tweets and comments. It is important to respond to the audience to improve and serve your customers better. This leads to building loyal customers in the long run. All this added together gives you more customer base and higher sales.

There are tools such as Agorapulse that can be used to monitor the tweets and mentions from various customers in one single screen.

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Monitor Brand
A social media manager should be able to take out time every single day to monitor its brand on social media. Any conversations relating to your brand should be identified. When your posts and content get mentions, likes, replies, retweets, shares, etc. it should be quickly used to engage further with your audience.

But it can be insane if you try to do this manually since there are millions of posts on social media. Hence there are smart social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite that makes your daily routine tasks simpler. HootSuite creates an advanced search using keywords of the usernames of companies that you want to watch and monitor their mentions. This will let you know the kind of questions or tweets that the customers of your competitors are asking and you can quickly take actions for your brand.

Monitor Competition
Competitors are key ingredients for the success of your social media marketing strategy. Social media managers should conduct research to know your competitors so that you can keep a tab on their activities. Hence it becomes essential for a social media manager to make this activity as a daily task to combat competition.

Identify your key competitors and make a list of top 5-10 competitors. Analyze them every day to know various aspects of your competitors such as the content they publish, the frequency of their posts, the influencers that they are engaging with and the campaigns that they are running.

This should become a daily routing task for every social media manager. With tools such as QuickSprout, a social media manager can observe the type of content that is gathering more attention. This gives you a on the type of content that has to be generated by you to get equal or more attention on social media.

 Measure Results
Social media performance measurement is the key to the success of all social media activity. When you conduct regular analysis, your brand can gain by identifying the trends, discovering potential influencers, finding engaging content, and much more.

Analyzing social media performance can be a huge task for a social media manager. But it is most important when it comes to deciding on the tasks to continue versus the tasks to drop.

The humongous amount of data available on social network makes it close to impossible for a marketer to categorize useful data that can be used to learn more about the behavior of your audience. If data management is not done appropriately, then there are high chances of missing out on new leads, industry trends, audience conversations and brand mentions. Hence it has to become part of the daily routine of a social media manager.


Social media marketing is an evolving process that includes defining strategies, creating content, posting and scheduling content, monitoring the brand mentions and much more. These activities are not one-time tasks or tasks that can be done on random basis. It needs dedicated and daily efforts from a social media manager.

The daily schedule of a social media manager includes numerous tasks that need deep research and understanding; hence it is easy to get drowned in some tasks while others tend to be ignored. Hence having a daily routine of the tasks will go a great way in streamlining the social media managers day.

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